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Maximize your video security options

The Pelco Sarix Professional 3 Series packs the most popular features and functionality into a variety of affordable indoor and outdoor fixed IP cameras to protect people, property and bottom line. Available in four form factors — dome camera, box camera, bullet camera and wedge camera.

True wide dynamic range

Brings out crucial details in both bright and dark areas for maximum visibility

Pelco professional analytics

Featuring motion and audio detections, object counting, camera sabotage and more

Impact rated

IK10 impact rating for vandal resistance on all models (except the box model)

Sarix professional IMP 3 series

  • Autofocus motorized remote zooms lens for wide-angle or long-range security needs
  • True Wide Dynamic Range for increased visibility in bright and dark areas

Sarix professional IXP 3 series

  • Optional standard CS megapixel lens to meet your special security requirements
  • Professional Analytics for enhanced motion detection and camera sabotage detection

Sarix professional IBP 3 series

  • Adaptive IR illumination details up to 80m in zero light (for select lenses)
  • Up to 60fps to help capture fast-moving scenes
Choice of Standard CS Megapixel Lenses
Autofocus Motorized Remote Zoom Lens
True Wide Dynamic Range
Adaptive IR Illumination 25m
Adaptive IR Illumination 50m
Adaptive IR Illumination 50/60/80m
Professional Analytics
Weather/Impact Rated (IP66-67/IK10)
Operating Temperature -20C to 55C
Operating Temperature -10C to 55C
Operating Temperature 60C
Operating Temperature 60C (outdoor)

Sarix Professional 3 Series in the wild

EUREF campus

EUREF Campus protects researchers across its vast campus with the Sarix Professional fixed IP camera line, which provides long-range coverage and operates reliably in the most challenging weather conditions.

Hotel lobby

With resolution up to 5 MP, this fixed IP camera line delivers sharp images, covers large areas and zooms into scenes while maintaining evidential data, making it ideal for a large hotel lobby.


With up to 60 frames per second, this fixed IP camera line captures high-speed moving playing cards and allows security operators to detect unprofessional conduct at the gambling table.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.