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About Siemens AG

Siemens AG is a global technology powerhouse that brings together the digital and physical worlds to benefit customers and society. The company focuses on intelligent infrastructure for buildings and decentralized energy systems, on automation and digitalization in the process and manufacturing industries, and on smart mobility solutions for rail and road transport.

Solution Overview

Scalable access control for any requirements – from a single office to high-rise complexes

SiPass integrated is a powerful and extremely flexible access control system that enables you to manage access to anything from a single low-rise office with just a few doors to massive high-rise complexes with tens of thousands of doors, gates, barriers and elevators at multiple sites around the globe. It provides a very high level of security without compromising convenience and ease of access for system users, fits into all common state-of-the-art IT environments, and can also serve as a security management station that integrates access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance into a single system.

The proposed solution is an integration driver for Siemens SiPass security management system. This integration helps Siemens SiPass to connect with VideoXpert. The integrated system allows end users to use VideoXpert to access information from Siemens SiPass. VideoXpert users may use Admin Portal or OpsCenter Client to view or acknowledge access control events from Siemens SiPass.

The integration driver shall be using VxSDK for all its interfacing needs with VideoXpert. The integration driver also supports Pelco Access Control System Viewer to allow user information retrieval and control functionality of Siemens SiPass devices in VideoXpert. This includes viewing Siemens SiPass access control points and user lists in VideoXpert and sending control commands to the access control points.


VideoXpert SiPass Integration Software

5.8 MB MSI

VideoXpert Integration - Siemens SiPass Installation Manual

1.2 MB PDF

VideoXpert Integration - Siemens SiPass Release Note

328 KB PDF

VideoXpert Integration - Siemens SiPass User Guide

1.2 MB PDF

License Required

This integration will require a license from Pelco in addition to any Lenel licenses. You may use this integration for the first 90 days without a Pelco license. If you like the integration, please order part number "INT-SIPASS" (from version 3.6 and forward) for this product before your 90 days expires. An additional, free license is also required to use the Pelco VideoXpert Access Control Plugin.

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