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About Mavili Elektronik A.Ş.

Mavili Elektronik A.Ş. has been developing products and services in the field of fire and gas detection systems since 1987. Our fire and gas detection systems are manufactured according to international standards, and used in more than 70 countries.

Our company, which uses today’s technology at the most advanced level by producing innovative and user-friendly solutions for integration with smart building technologies, carries out meticulous project design studies for different types of areas in shopping centers, airports, large hotels, complex living areas, hospitals, universities, industrial facilities. Mavili Elektronik, which demonstrates its experience in standards and regulations both while developing the product and implementing it in the field, has a wide range of products including software that provides monitoring and control from a single center.

While Mavili Elektronik is developing fire and gas detection systems, which are extremely important for the safety of life and property; It brings together the knowledge of its experienced staff, industry experience and the importance it attaches to product development suitable for customer needs.

With factories in Ümraniye and Gebze, seven regional directorates and Moscow representative offices, Mavili Elektronik aims to always be with the customer after sales as well as before and during sales, and continues to serve this sector with its 250 employees.

Solution Overview

VideoXpert Integration with SPRVSR + Plug-In

Today, when smart building technology has become popular, the need to manage different systems from a single center has arisen. Firmware’s offering solutions to this need has become much more preferred as a result of technological partnerships.

Mavili Elektronik has been developing products and services in the field of fire and gas detection systems since 1987; It offers solutions to this need by producing products that are included in smart building technology and can work integrated.

Being a solution partner of Pelco, which designs high quality IP video security systems, has made an important difference in ensuring the safety of life and property against fires that may occur in the areas where smart building technology is used.

Maxlogic SPRVSR + Plug-In software belongs to Mavili has been integrated into Pelco’s firmware called VideoXpert. Thanks to the SPRVSR + Plug-In, detailed map and device information of the location to be monitored and controlled can be accessed via VideoXpert.

Maxlogic & Mavigard brand fire detection and alarm devices can be displayed graphically on the floor plan, and in case of fire, all interventions that can be made with the control panel can be performed via software without having to go to the site where panel is located.

In case of fire; First of all, information about the fire is displayed on the screen in the form of a pop-up. The camera or cameras that match the device where the fire alarm comes are automatically turned on at the bottom of the screen. In this way, fire information is displayed by means of cameras. For the fire alarm through this notification; snooze, In-Progress, Acknowledge options can be selected. After this stage, the point where the fire alarm has arrived is displayed on the map in the program. If desired, you can go to the main map and switch between maps manually. After viewing the location of the fire information, the system can be intervened in two different ways. The first is the Alarm, Alarm Silence, Buzzer Silence, and Reset buttons on the left hand side of the devices menu. The other is the remote control operation by accessing the interface of the exchange on the map.

As a result of the cooperation of Mavili and Pelco, VideoXpert, which integrates different systems, enables smart building management in a time-saving, direct and much more comfortable manner.


SPRVSR+ Plug-in Integration with VideoXpert Brochure - English

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Интеграция VideoXpert с SPRVSR + Plug-In Broşürü - Russian

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VideoXpert Integration avec SPRVSR+ Plug-In Brochure - French

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SPRVSR+ Plug-In ile VideoXpert Entegrasyonu broşür- Turkish

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License Required

This integration will require a license from Pelco in addition to any Mavili Elektronik licenses. You may use this integration for the first 90 days without a Pelco license. If you like the integration, please order part number " INT-MAVILI" for this product before your 90 days expires.

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