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About IPVideo Corporation

IPVideo Corporation harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to deliver a range of open platform physical security, sensor and audio/​visual solutions that provide maximum flexibility, performance, ease-of-use and value. We design and manufacture solutions for a smarter and safer world! IPVideo Corporation is a subsidiary of Advance Convergence Group.

Our newest product offering HALO IOT Smart Sensor is disrupting the world of physical security. As the security industry product of the year, HALO is a security device for privacy areas and an environmental monitoring tool. Its vaping and THC detection capabilities are gaining global attention and being used by school districts across the country to combat the youth vaping epidemic.

Integration Overview: Halo Smart Sensor

Pelco provides a seamless integration to the Halo Smart Sensor through the Event Monitor Service. All events generated from the smart sensor (vape detection, for example) can be received by VideoXpert and actions can be taken (ie PTZ preset) to respond within the Video Management System.

License Required

This integration uses the VideoXpert Event Monitoring service and requires a free license from Pelco. You may use this integration for the first 90 days without a Pelco license. If you like the integration, please order part number "VX-EVENT-MON" for this product before your 90 days expires.

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Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.