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About Fiber SenSys

Fiber SenSys®, Inc., (FSI) is the market-leading manufacturer of fiber-optic intrusion detection systems for outdoor perimeters and physical data networks. FSI sensors have been successfully deployed on fences and alongside physical data networks at the most critical sites in the world. Our manufacturing and design headquarters are located just outside of Portland, Oregon, with sales and support offices around the world.

Perimeter Detection Sensors

Underground Perimeter Sensors Alarm

Complete integration into Video Management Systems

Solution Overview | Fiber SenSys Alarm Processor Units (APUs)

Fiber SenSys Alarm Processing Units (APUs) provide a common mechanism for interfacing with various Fiber SenSys sensors. The APUs offer standard relay outputs with many models offering a TCP/IP interface either as a standard interface or as an option. The standard outputs sent from the APU to VideoXpert, with this integration, include:

TamperThe APU reported a tamper condition.
Communication Lost / Restored
The software has lost/​restored communication with the APU.
An intrusion has been detected on the channel.
Loss or significant degradation of returning optical power was detected for the channel.

Channel alarms are commonly associated with a sensor that is monitoring a specific section a fence. The APU is then the point of aggregation for the channels. The middleware integration software provides the ability to subscribe to and receive events from Fiber SenSys APUs, and inject them into a VideoXpert system. This integration was designed for 300 and 500 series APUs. A VideoXpert rule can then be created to display video from a camera that covers the corresponding channel when an intrusion alarm is received.


Fiber SenSys - Middleware Installer Software -

zip 8.8MB

Fiber SenSys Installation and Operations Manual

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License Required

This integration software requires a license from Pelco in addition to any licenses required by Fiber SenSys. You may use initial integrations for the first 90 days without a Pelco license. Please order Pelco part number INT-FIBERSENSYS for a one-year license.

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