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About eConnect

eConnect develops revolutionary technology which delivers actionable information to gaming and hospitality companies. eConnect software integrates with all major gaming, hospitality and surveillance systems, providing information which is critical to business efficiency and profitability. eConnect solutions deliver a rapid ROI through fraud detection and prevention, help optimize operations, and improve the guest experience.

Solution Overview | POSConnect™ And CasinoConnect Suite

eConnect POSConnect™ synchronizes video and point of sale (POS) transactional data to identify outlier employee behavior, employee theft and operational anomalies through robust analytics of transactional data. CasinoConnect is a suite of comprehensive casino management and surveillance products for table game optimization, gaming analytics, and cheating detection. Individual modules are available for blackjack, baccarat, game pace monitoring, player appraisal, and more.

The eConnect integration with VideoXpert is an Ops Center plugin for accessing the eConnect applications within the VideoXpert user interface. eConnect is monitoring POS and gaming transactions from direct integrations with POS and gaming devices. When eConnect detects an event that should be investigated, VideoXpert is notified and the plugin presents VideoXpert video of the sequence and transactional information from the eConnect software. The plugin was developed by eConnect and is available for download from Pelco.


eConnect Plugin - v6.17

9.5 MB ZIP

License Required

The main middleware integration requires an INT-ECONNECT free license from Pelco. Integrations will work for 90 days before requiring a license. The optional Ops Center plugin does not require an additional license from Pelco. eConnect licenses along with the specific eConnect software is obtainable from eConnect or an eConnect partner.

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