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About Avigilon, a Motorola solutions company

By designing, developing and manufacturing AI-powered security solutions, our mission is to deliver innovative products that help keep people and communities safe. From security cameras to video analytics, access control solutions and cloud services, our complete solutions have been installed at thousands of customer sites around the world, empowering you to proactively protect what matters most.


H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection Solution

The Avigilon H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection camera is embedded with edge-based analytics to detect faces, measure the temperature of the inner canthus region, and notify operators if individuals exhibit indications of elevated body temperature. This security-grade thermal camera provides a low friction, contactless alternative to traditional screening methods. It enables high-throughput pre-screening of people to detect indications of elevated body temperature to keep facilities, and its people, safe.

Absolute Temperature Source

The H4 Thermal ETD is coupled with a black body uniform temperature source, which acts as an absolute temperature reference point for the thermal camera.


This integration allows the video stream and analytics information from the H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection camera to be displayed and recorded in VideoXpert. Configuration of the desired High Temperature Threshold” and the Low Temperature Threshold” as well as event notifications for three event types – Elevated Temperature, Normal Temperature, and Low Temperature – takes place in VxToolbox.

Supported Camera Features

  • ANALYTICS: Elevated Temperature Detection
  • RELAY I/O CONNECTIONS: Configure input/​output actions and alarms for fast event response

License Not Required

No additional license is required for VideoXpert or Avigilon. You only need VideoXpert 3.10.1 and higher.

Latest Updates

This integration works with VideoXpert 3.10.1 and higher

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