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About ACIC

With the increase in the number of cameras, the automation of video surveillance has become essential for high security sites, critical infrastructure and for urban video surveillance.

Since 2003, ACIC provides innovative Video Content Analytics solutions and Artificial Intelligence technologies based on its own neural networks for automated and intelligent video surveillance.

In addition to our Security & Data Mining applications, ACIC engineers support our clients with innovative and custom solutions to bespoke projects.

The solution can be used with any IP cameras and can also work on the Edge with compatible camera models.

Solution Overview | ACIC

Magos Area Surveillance System (MASS)

ACIC offers a wide range of products, from security solutions to data mining analytics. ActivityDetection, Autotracking and PanoramaDetection cover the safety and security side. PeopleCounting, CrowdNumbering, TrafficMonitoring and LPR are focused on data mining and statistics. Our Data Management Platform (DMP) allows to collect and visualize the data.

All the solutions can be centralized on a single analytics server with an intuitive web interface for a quick and easy configuration.

Our integration allows to receive the analytics events and ACIC’s enriched analytics streams directly into VideoXpert.

    • Activity Detection: perimeter protection, fence crossing, sterile zone, loitering, left or removed objects, running or over speeding, group detection, counterflow, …
    • Auto tracking: autonomous and continuous tracking of a target by controlling a PTZ camera. Allows to stay in contact with the intruder after the initial detection.
    • Panorama Detection: optical radar for broad area surveillance, seaside areas, country borders, …
    • People Counting: bidirectional counting of people (or any other target like a vehicle or a bicycle thanks to our AI module) at the entrance of a shop, building, parking lot, …
    • Crowd Numbering: allows to enumerate persons or other objects in a defined area, to know the evolution in time and be alerted if the occupation rate becomes critical.
    • Traffic Monitoring: traffic management, traffic classification (congested, free-flow, busy, …), vehicle counting and classification, speed measurement, incident detection (wrong ways, speed drop, over speeding, …)


ACIC VideoXpert Integration Specification Sheet - English

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ACIC Portfolio Presentation

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ACIC VideoXpert Service Installer Software - v.

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License Required

This integration will require a license from Pelco in addition to any ACIC licenses. You may use this integration for the first 90 days without a Pelco license. If you like the integration, please order part number " INT-ACIC" for this product before your 90 days expires.

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