Flying High: Solutions for Operational Efficiencies in Today’s Modern Airports

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents:

Airports are plagued by complexity with regards to stringent regulations, oversight and providing high levels of safety and security for travelers and staff. These sites have several layers of accessibility ranging from airport workers and vendors, to an endless stream of passengers.

In addition to the internal protection of terminals, airports typically have a large, expansive perimeters, which can often lead to vulnerabilities caused by blind spots and other extreme conditions. Within the airport terminal and beyond, the exposure to threats has the potential to become catastrophic if let unchecked by implementing policies, procedures and technology to protect the entire facility.
Adding in the ongoing global health crisis to already stringent security and safety procedures makes for a time-consuming effort for staff and passengers. Airport staff are now asked to set up and ensure hygiene procedures are followed, perform thermal scans, and ensure passengers continue social distancing guidelines. They are taking on more responsibilities to better meet new health and safety regulations. The question remains: how do airport employees rise to the challenge of addressing these factors while maintaining the integrity of the organization they serve?

The answer is in reinforcing the need for airports to invest in technologies that increase operational efficiency, as well as minimize disruption and revenue loss due to delay, lost baggage or criminality.
Pelco intelligent video surveillance solutions aim to provide complete situational awareness, deliver operational effectiveness and improve emergency responsiveness. Our easy-to-use technology allows airport personnel to visually monitor the entire airport, from perimeter to terminal, even in harsh weather conditions or any time of day.

Pre and Post TSA Operations Control

Complete range of cameras for any situation. Advanced camera solutions and purpose-built cameras manage views across the entire airport to drive more situational awareness. Quick access to multi monitor display and cameras allows operators to see what they need to see, when they need to see it.

Monitor runway and taxi ways. Using video from the perimeter and runways, and matching data with flight radar plug-in web interface, allow real-time checks for flight status. Optera combined with Pelco camera link technology offers constant and seamless panorama (panomersive view) and ability to track moving objects on a geographical map. It reduces the number of cameras due to its very large coverage and allows operators to see the entire scene and zoom in for details.

Terminal, entrances, exits, check-in and security areas. Provide coverage with panoramic camera ranges to eliminate potential blind spots. Leverage Sarix enhanced to reduce image blur of fast-moving objects (people running or moving vehicles).

Perimeter protection. Often unmanned, with no physical borders and poorly lit, airport perimeters require advanced video technology. Our thermal and long-range detection cameras, Sarix and Esprit, cover greater distance well above the horizon and can identify intruders or personnel in pitch dark with exact color reproduction.

Technology Expands Capabilities and Increases Efficiencies

Delays and long queue. Receive auto alerts when queue length increases beyond certain length with intrusion detection camera edge analytics. Operator can anticipate and proactively respond to choke points, crowd patterns and foot-traffic flows through terminals, making quick decision such as increase staffing and open or close a lane.

Improved customer experience. Through proactive measures to address passenger queues, Pelco technology can provide a delay-free experience to passengers. By reducing wait times, more time can be spent in retail shops and restaurants and generate revenue for the airport facility.

Baggage management. When abandoned baggage is on the belt, carrousel or in the airport, Pelco analytics detects it and alerts staff. Baggage investigations can be costly and time-consuming, but analytics can help resolve these incidents quickly and efficiently.

Detect falls, slips, theft, lost children. Mapping tools help facilitate system management and increase safety to help keep passenger traffic fluid. Incidents can be quickly resolved by locating the incident and calling up the respective camera with video to aid investigations.

Prevent re-entry into security area. Directional motion analytics help detect wrong direction and send immediate notification to generate a faster response from operators.

Real-time Evidence Share and Single Interface Management

Leveraging Pelco video management systems allow you to monitor your operations from a single user interface while Pelco’s monitor wall correlates when intrusion and events are happening in one view. The VideoXpert VMS user interface allows immediate search through devices using device tree, tags, filter lists, IP address and Source names, while the investigation tab and SYNC Playback allows for the synchronisation of multiple cameras in one work space/view. Continued collaboration between the multiple entities and terminals is a known and recurrent challenge, but the VX Connect Plugin allows the sharing of information in real-time of Pre- and Post-TSA incidents with ease.

Pelco is committed to providing you and your team tailored solutions and support. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about your video surveillance technology or how we can help you make your operations more efficient.

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