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Installing cameras in parking lots and securing these areas effectively has become increasingly important given the alarming statistics on vehicle theft, in particular, catalytic-converter theft. But, it’s not just vehicular theft that parking lots need to be protected against as, according to the FBI, parking lots are the third most common place where crimes occur, after private homes and streets. 

Why parking garage and parking lot security is paramount

Parking lots offer criminals a sense of anonymity, as there is often little to no lighting present and few people around to witness crimes in progress. These spaces are also inviting targets for crime due to the abundance of valuable items left in and around vehicles, such as laptops, navigation systems, purses and wallets.

Additionally, parking lots are perceived as generally less secure than other areas, such as residential or commercial areas, making them attractive targets for criminals looking for quick and easy targets. Unfortunately, this is not just a perception, as parking lots are often inadequately secured, providing criminals with one less barrier to committing their crimes.

The good news is that there are physical security measures businesses can take to protect their parking lots from crime, leading to overall safer cities. Security cameras for parking garages and parking lots are a critical component in any comprehensive parking lot security strategy.

What can parking lot cameras do?

Commercial security camera systems for parking lots and parking garage cameras should be a key area of focus for security teams. Not only do they prove to be an effective deterrent towards criminal activity, but they support post-incident investigations by providing evidentiary footage to prosecute intruders, thieves and vandals. 

Here are the key ways a parking lot security camera system can enhance safety and security:

  • Deters criminal activity: Parking lot cameras and parking garage cameras have proven to be effective visual deterrents for those looking to commit crimes. Knowing that their identity and actions could be captured by the cameras in parking lots, intruders, thieves and vandals will often decide against carrying out any illegal activities and move on.

  • Improves situational awareness: Security cameras for parking lots installed in strategic locations can remove blind spots to help cover a large area of the facility and provide the parking lot camera system operators with enhanced situational awareness. With this, the security team can know exactly what is happening across their parking lot and respond to potential threats quickly, such as loiterers. 

  • Detects potential threats: Modern parking lot surveillance cameras and parking garage security cameras often come with built-in video analytics capabilities, such as object, trespassing and unusual activity detection. These analytic features on parking lot security cameras can help alert parking lot security teams of potential threats or unfolding incidents on their site, leading to faster responses and stopping incidents from developing. 

  • Captures evidence: In the event of an incident, the parking lot camera system will capture video footage of what happened and who was involved. This evidentiary parking lot security camera footage can support the incident investigation process and help the business prosecute anyone who has committed a crime on their property.

  • Highlight areas that require improvement: Aside from supporting incident responses and providing evidentiary footage, security cameras for parking lots and parking garage cameras can help highlight inefficiencies and weak spots across the site. Whether it is identifying a potential blind spot or detecting a choke point, security cameras in parking lots can be an effective way for parking lot businesses to enhance their operations.

The benefits of parking lot security camera systems

As one of the most effective ways to deter crime, parking garage security cameras offer a host of benefits, including the following:

Increased safety

As parking lot security cameras are an effective visual deterrent, those with bad intentions will decide against committing a crime in that parking lot and move on, ensuring safety and security on the site. Additionally, the presence of cameras in parking lots can help alleviate worries on the part of citizens and visitors to the lot, allowing them to feel safe and secure when entering an unfamiliar space.

Enhanced visitor management

Parking lot surveillance cameras and parking garage security cameras also make it easier to manage visitors. Employees or security personnel can utilize traffic monitoring cameras to track the flow of people entering and leaving the lot, ensuring that only approved personnel are granted access to restricted areas. This helps ensure that everyone on the premises is legitimate and not a potential threat.

In addition, by closely monitoring traffic patterns within the lot, security staff can quickly identify any unusual behavior and take appropriate actions if needed.

Evidence collection for legal proceedings

If a crime does happen, parking lot camera recordings can offer vital evidence that could be used by law enforcement during legal proceedings. The ability to document crucial details such as the faces of perpetrators or license plate numbers ensures that justice can still be served even when no physical witnesses are present at the scene.

Remote access and monitoring

Parking garage cameras can also be integrated with remote access systems. This allows authorized personnel to monitor the footage from anywhere in the world, allowing for more efficient management of the property and faster response times in case any suspicious activity takes place.

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How to design an effective security camera parking lot system

Installing a camera for parking lot security and calling it a day won’t be enough to ensure that your premises are adequately protected. A more effective approach would be to design a comprehensive parking lot camera system that considers various factors and can cover the entire parking lot. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Determine surveillance needs based on application

When planning out a parking lot security system, determine what footage is required based on the application. Mall parking lot security cameras, for example, would need to be able to capture large areas and wide angles, while a residential parking lot might need smaller cameras that can capture more detailed close-up footage.

Select a security camera parking lot system

Once you’ve determined your surveillance needs, you can research an appropriate security camera parking lot system for your space. Consider factors such as lighting conditions, distance from the camera to the subject, and detail required in each shot. For example, bullet cameras (vs dome cameras) in parking lots are great for capturing smaller details over long distances, whereas dome cameras in parking lots are better suited for wider angles and larger areas.

Choose camera placement carefully

The location of your security cameras in parking lots is just as important as the type being used. Cameras should be placed in strategic locations that allow them to monitor the entire lot and any areas where criminal activity is likely to occur.

Consider lighting

Develop a lighting plan to provide sufficient illumination even in low-light conditions. Consider investing in low-lighting security camera options to enhance visibility across your property. This will allow your cameras in parking lots and parking garage cameras to capture useful footage and help reduce blind spots at night or during dull days when there is insufficient natural light available.

Implement advanced software features

Utilize software features, including motion detection alerts or license plate recognition, such as Pelco VideoXpert’s integration with Vaxtor’s ALPR solutions, to enhance your security camera parking lot system’s effectiveness, allowing it to track movement more accurately and potentially alert law enforcement, if necessary.

Consider staffing needs

Also, consider the personnel needed to operate and maintain the system. This includes in-house staff and a security operations center who may be hired to monitor the lot remotely.


Finally, install your video surveillance system according to local laws and specifications provided by manufacturers. Be sure to properly document all steps taken so that any future upgrades or maintenance can be done quickly and effectively with minimal disruption to normal operations.

Factors to consider when choosing parking lot cameras

The following factors should be considered when choosing the right camera system for parking lot surveillance:

Wired or wireless

Wireless cameras in parking lots offer superior flexibility when it comes to setting up surveillance in an outdoor environment, as they can easily be positioned and placed anywhere that has a line of sight. In addition, they do not require additional wiring or cabling while offering similar image quality as wired cameras. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for cables and wires, wireless cameras significantly reduce the installation cost.

LTE connectivity

LTE-enabled cameras are ideal for remote monitoring of parking lots as they can be placed in areas where traditional internet connections are unavailable. Additionally, LTE-enabled cameras offer the most reliable connection with very low latency and high upload speeds, allowing for real-time transmission of images and videos from the camera to the surveillance server.

Field of view

A wide field of view can help capture more of the area which will be monitored and can increase the chances of detecting suspicious activity in the vicinity. Camera models like 360-degree security cameras allow for this wide view from a single vantage point, which may result in having to install less security cameras. 

Wide-angle lenses offer more coverage but can sometimes come at the cost of decreased image quality compared to narrower-angle lenses, which provide increased detail but result in a reduced field of view. For wider coverage, consider a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera—this camera type also allows for object tracking and smooth zoom capabilities for comprehensive, detailed visibility. 

To see what kind of camera coverage you’ll receive from your security camera strategy, consider utilizing a field of view calculator to help you choose the right lenses and overall camera installation. 


Another vital factor to consider when selecting cameras for a parking lot security system is the camera’s resolution. The higher the security camera resolution, the better quality of images that can be captured and stored. If being able to identify perpetrators or objects in videos is a primary concern, a camera with a minimum resolution of 1440p would be advisable. A lower resolution of 1080p can suffice if identification is not an issue.

Low-light capabilities

A parking lot that can’t be effectively lit and has a lot of traffic at night could benefit from the addition of cameras that feature low-light capabilities. This can be achieved with integrated infrared which helps cameras effectively illuminate dark areas so users can see up to 200m in some cases. By offering clear security details and visibility in challenging lighting conditions, security teams at parking lots can monitor events at all times. 

License plate recognition

For advanced parking lot surveillance, license plate recognition cameras can be a great option. They use optical character recognition technology to read and record the license plates of vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot. This information can then be used by security personnel to easily identify suspicious vehicles or those violating any regulations for the area.

AI-enabled analytics

AI-enabled advanced video analytics solutions can detect and classify objects in real-time. This technology is powered by deep learning algorithms that recognize specific behaviors, such as cars entering or exiting the lot, people walking around at night, or someone loitering in an area they shouldn’t be in. 

For example, in airport parking lots, AI-enabled video analytics could prevent serious security breaches by detecting unauthorized people or vehicles attempting to enter restricted areas.


Most cameras in parking lots come with some form of weatherproofing, but it is vital to invest in security cameras for extreme weather, protecting against varying temperatures and other harsh environmental conditions, such as dust and rain. This will ensure the parking lot cameras can operate reliably even in adverse weather conditions.

Storage capacity

The required storage capacity will depend on the size of the area being monitored and how many parking lot cameras or parking garage cameras will be used. It is best to have a system with enough storage capacity to store parking lot security camera footage from the system for at least 30 days. 

Mounting systems

Accurate and secure mounting ensures optimal image quality and effective monitoring by positioning the camera to maximize its field of view. Poorly positioned parking lot cameras or parking garage cameras may result in glare issues if they are facing directly into the sun, or they may be unable to monitor the desired area effectively.

Additionally, the right mount can make it difficult for would-be vandals or thieves to tamper with or take down the camera. A proper mount also helps protect against extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, wind and more.

Remote access

The ability to monitor parking lot security cameras and parking garage cameras from anywhere with an internet connection is a significant advantage. Many modern camera systems come with mobile apps and software for remote access, allowing users to view live feeds, play footage, adjust settings and even utilize remote alarm monitoring. This can help a virtual security guard and local law enforcement respond faster in emergencies.

Cloud-based platform

Cloud-based video surveillance platforms are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to provide a layer of redundancy and improved data security. They allow users to store video footage offsite and access it from multiple devices with just an internet connection. This can be especially useful for businesses that need to manage large amounts of video data or those that need to monitor multiple locations at once.


Finally, the cost is an essential factor when selecting a parking lot camera system. Top-of-the-line models will often come with all the above features and can be quite expensive. However, there are affordable solutions available that still come with many of the features necessary for effective security monitoring. The key is to find a balance between cost, essential features and the quality of the system while ensuring that the parking lot remains secure.

Choosing the best security camera for your parking lot and parking garage

With such high crime rates in parking lots, it’s essential to invest in suitable parking lot security camera systems to keep people and their property safe. Cameras in parking lots are vital for providing surveillance and deterring criminals and parking lot incidents. The right system will depend on the specific needs of the area and the budget available, but if chosen correctly, parking lot security cameras can work together with the existing guards to ensure the safety and security of the parking lot.

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