Have Bad Light Or Low Light Problems? We Can Help

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One of the trickiest parts of surveillance is being able to see clear images when the ambient lighting is poor.

What constitutes bad lighting?

Here’s a partial list of what can impact your surveillance efforts and your security team’s ability to see what’s really going on in video footage captured by security cameras:

  • Low levels of light, making it too dark to see clearly
  • Glare or brightness that covers up or blurs images
  • Reflections that distort the video
  • Light and dark sections in the same scene that are difficult to balance

With the right camera, these issues can be overcome. Read on to learn how.

How Technology Can Solve Poor Lighting Issues

technologyPelco uses advanced technology in its video surveillance cameras to compensate for any poor lighting or low-light conditions.

For example, our Sarix thermal imaging fixed camera series brings to the table thermal capabilities that work well to detect anything out of the ordinary in any type of light, making it well-suited for daytime and nighttime surveillance.

As another example, Pelco’s Spectra Pro IR cameras provide powerful visibility features, regardless of lighting conditions, thanks to compensating low-light and poor-light enhancement technology and sensors. Features like automatic IR light zoom, wide field of view, top compression technologies, and Pelco’s own smart-compression technology work together to create the best, most detailed images possible even when lighting is poor.

We Approach The Issue From Multiple Angles

eyeAs you can imagine, it’s tricky to compensate for lack of light or for scenes that have very dark and very bright elements present at the same time. It takes several approaches to overcome these challenges and create well-defined videos where even small details, like a vehicle’s license plate number or a potential suspect’s facial features, can be seen clearly.

Pelco’s answer is to improve every element of a security camera system, from the technology in the camera itself, to the accompanying video surveillance software features.

Lighting 2

What To Look For In A Camera To Be Installed In A Poorly Lit Environment

angleTake care to install the right camera that will work well for your surveillance efforts even in poorly lit environments. Here’s what to look for:

  • Wide view capabilities
  • The ability to use digital zoom to pick up small details
  • Specific mention in the features list of “low light capability” or “low light performance”
  • Infrared illumination
  • Image clarity even in shaded areas and also in the presence of intense lights
  • Camera ruggedness
  • Higher processing speeds
  • Suitable for mission critical applications

Contact Pelco With Your Questions

We have many excellent products to choose from, so your best bet is to contact us directly and let us know about your needs and your applications. We can work with you to determine which of our security cameras will work best to meet your requirements and your budget. Our camera surveillance systems will give you some of the brightest images with top clarity, even in low-light and poor-light situations. Contact Pelco today to find the perfect surveillance camera to meet your needs.