Find Out Which VxCare Support Tier is Perfect For Your Business

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So, you are a proud owner of Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS and want to find a way to maximize the value of your investment. You may also be researching support services that will best serve your unique security needs.

Pelco’s VxCare gives you three ways to support you through any issue you may face across the lifecycle of your VMS.

Read to find out which tier will make the perfect fit for your business.


Perhaps you’re a system integrator who has been working closely with VideoXpert for many years but still need occasional support for highly complex issues. This tier is perfect for you if you have already been educated on the majority of VideoXpert’s operational and functional aspects but could also benefit from gaining access to key resources such as basic phone and e-mail that will help you get back on track. This tier is available as a complimentary service for all VX owners.


If you are a customer who needs direct support from Pelco, this is the one for you. The Epic tier is best suited for VideoXpert owners who need a moderate level of support when it comes to deployment and system upgrades but has some knowledge about the system on their own. In the event of an upgrade that requires complex steps, for example, you can reach out to a dedicated support engineer to guide you through the process.


With the Protect tier, new business owners who have little to no knowledge of their VMS or video surveillance have access to the maximum support tier available for VideoXpert owners. Whether you need assistance with setting up your VMS, need a system health check, or a dedicated on-site technician who is available to address any concerns you have, VxCare Protect assists you with all of your VMS and video surveillance needs from top to bottom.

Why VxCare?

VxCare is here to optimize the performance and availability of your VMS and overall video surveillance solutions. VxCare make everything from installations to updates a less daunting experience for businesses who require video surveillance and a VMS to manage their data. VxCare is also great for system integrators who wish to introduce this service to their customers, who are looking to receive support directly from Pelco. Whether you’re a customer, surveillance operator, or system integrator, Pelco will ensure that you receive the best possible support through every step of the way.

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