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Solution Overview


Access Control Manager (ACM) is a physical access control system for enterprise-class installations, designed to help you focus on securing your people, property and assets, while giving you the flexibility to respond to alerts wherever you are. With integrations to trusted manufacturers, complete your access control system with a breadth of options for controllers and sub-panels, readers, wireless locks, biometric solutions, intrusion detection panels, and more.

ACM seamlessly integrates with VideoXpert software providing a powerful and unified security solution that helps you proactively monitor and secure your sites.

Integration Overview

The integration between Access Control Manager and Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS seamlessly unites video security with access control into a single platform. ACM leverages an open architecture and integrates identity management with video surveillance from Pelco’s VideoXpert video management software to offer a powerful and end-to-end security solution to monitor and secure sites. Working better together by incorporating a video component helps you to verify access control alarms, informs your access control responses, and links visual and physical matches for superior situational awareness.


Cameras Associated with Doors

Inform access control responses with contextual video of the access control event when a visitor attempts to gain access through a door.

Remote Interactivity with Doors

Lock/unlock doors from the VideoXpert application or from integrated facility maps that show all doors and those associated with video feeds.

User ID Profiles

Display User ID profile pictures with access control transactions/alarms to know who attempted to enter a door and at what point in time.


Visually pin access-controlled doors on a facility map, view open/close status of doors, and interact with doors to remotely lock and unlock doors.

Access Events Search

Search access control events by time and day or event type. Or narrow your search by User IDs, specific doors, or a combination of both.

Integrated Video and Mapping Interface

Automated alarms generated by ACM can be viewed on a map and linked to the associated live or recorded video stream from VideoXpert.

Video Bookmarking

View access control events in VideoXpert’s video timeline to understand when door alarms occurred and determine the cause using contextual video.

Configurable Rules Engine

Send email, SMS, or system notifications. Display video associated with alarms, activate camera relays or presets on a PTZ, and start recordings on single or multiple cameras.


Access control events are automatically sent to VideoXpert as alarms for Operators to acknowledge and formulate a response, along with the option to add notes.

Software Files



License Required

This integration will require a license from Pelco in addition to any ACM licenses. You may use this integration for the first 90 days without a Pelco license. If you like the integration, please order part number “INT-ACM” and “INT-ACSPLUGIN” for this product before your 90 days expire.

Latest Updates

This integration works with VideoXpert 3.12 and higher.

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