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B.O.S.S. Lite

                  B.O.S.S. Lite Quick Start Guide


                  Your First Time Using B.O.S.S. Lite

                  The first time you use B.O.S.S. Lite you will be taken to the Synchronization feature and required to synchronize with B.O.S.S. 5.1 online. You will not be allowed to use any other part of B.O.S.S. Lite until the synchronization is complete.


                  In order to synchronize you must first input your B.O.S.S. 5.1 username and password and click the "Authenticate Online" button. Once you have authenticated you will be able to choose the user group you want to use. Once you have chosen your user group you can click "Synchronize With B.O.S.S. 5.1 Online."

                  Once synchronization is complete you can begin using B.O.S.S. Lite with your newly synchronized user group.

                  Where to Find B.O.S.S. Lite After it is Installed

                  B.O.S.S. Lite will be found in the start menu under:

                  Start -->Programs --> Pelco by Schneider Electric --> B.O.S.S. 5.1 Lite

                  A desktop shortcut will automatically be created the first time B.O.S.S. Lite runs. You can turn off the desktop shortcut feature in the synchronization screen.

                  Adding a Model to a Quote/Order

                  When browsing products, if you find a model you want to add to a quote/order, you can click the "Create New Order" or "Add to Existing Order" at the bottom right of the Products screen.

                  • If you select "Create New Order," you will need to select the order type, agree to terms, and select a quantity. Once you select your options you can click "Create Order" and you will be taken to the Order Details for the order you just created
                  • If you select "Add to Existing Order" you will need to select the order and quantity. Once you have selected your options you can click "Add To Order" and you will be taken to your selected order’s details.
                  • If you select "Add to Current Order" you will add the selected product to the BOM/quote/order that is selected in the BOMs/Quotes/Purchase Orders screen. You can conveniently determine which order is selected by hovering the mouse over the "Add to Current Order" button.

                  Viewing a Price List

                  To view a price list in B.O.S.S. Lite you will need to go to View --> Price List. From there your list of options should be the same as in B.O.S.S. 5.1 online. Once you generate your report you will have the option to export to Excel or PDF files.