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Video Management


                                      Digital Sentry

                                      Digital Sentry

                                      Flexible Video Management for Mainstream Security

                                      From software-only video management to purpose-built hardware, Digital Sentry delivers a tested and reliable solution for your recording needs. Explore the opportunities of IP video security with a full-featured, free copy of DS NVS software and its free Pelco IP camera licenses. Or choose the high-performance DS NVR and its hybrid recording capabilities.

                                      Video Case Study: Digital Sentry Secures 911 Center

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                                      Digital Sentry NVR

                                      Network Video Recorder Pelco Digital Sentry

                                      The DSSRV2 NVR boasts total throughput of up to 350 Mbps (300 Mbps for JBOD models) for recording analog and IP video streams as well as playback and export through the DS ControlPoint client, allowing more users to play back video from the server simultaneously. With increased read-write speeds and no moving parts, the SSD system drive increases the reliability, uptime, and responsiveness of the system.

                                      DSSRV2 systems support 4TB drives. With front-available storage drives for easy servicing and upgrades, the DSSRV2 NVR is available with up to 20 TB storage for models without the optional optical disk drive (ODD), or up to 16 TB for ODD models. External storage is supported, providing additional storage of up to 24 TB which can be configured for either JBOD storage or for software controlled RAID 5 storage.



                                      About DS NVs

                                      Pelco DS NVs

                                      At the core of Digital Sentry is DS NVs video management software, which offers flexibility in system design. Whether your application demands optimized integrated hardware, like the Digital Sentry network video recorder, or requires industry-standard server platforms, DS NVs gives you the power to view live and recorded video, control cameras, export video, and much more. Because Digital Sentry is based on an open architecture, DS NVs allows customers the freedom to choose the PC/server platform and IP cameras that best fit their application. This ONVIF-conformant software is available for free download and comes with four free IP licenses for Pelco or third-party IP cameras or encoders.


                                      One Interface. Many Systems.

                                      Pelco DS ControlPoint

                                      DS ControlPoint is a revolutionary new graphical user interface that allows users to monitor and manage any combination of analog and IP devices through a single digital video surveillance software application. DS ControlPoint interfaces with DX4100, DX4500, DX4600, DX4700, DX4800, DX8000, DX8100, and all DVMS software to enable seamless and progressive migration from analog to IP environments. With support for high definition multi-monitor navigation and control, DS ControlPoint provides a tabbed environment that allows the end user to quickly switch between several work spaces.


                                      Digital Sentry ControlPoint Workstation

                                      The Digital Sentry ControlPoint Workstation (DS-CPPC) is optimized to deliver the essential hardware support for the DS ControlPoint software without the extra cost or risk of integrating hardware and software. Boosted by the 4th Generation Intel® Xeon processor and 8 GB of RAM, DS-CPPC provides an optimal combination of processing power and reliability to meet the demands of HD video recording and playback operations. Front panel LED displays on the DS-CPPC are integrated with the new Digital Sentry System Information (DSSI) utility, providing critical, real-time statistics on system resource utilization, temperature, and throughput status.

                                      To Know More

                                      To Know More