Solution Overview
Video Security Lighting Solutions


The Challenges

  •  Image Clarity and Detail in Low Light, Dark Environments
  •  Reflection, Glare and Blooming
  •  Extremely Bright Conditions
  •  Scenes Featuring Multiple Lighting Challenges
  •  Desire Not to Highlight with External Lighting the Very Assets under Protection

But rarely are your lighting circumstances ideal.

Pelco by Scheider Electric has a selection of cameras that produces highly detailed, quality video in challenging lighting conditions, whether it is low-light scenes, no-light scenes or high-contrast environments.

Sarix Enhanced Range with SureVision 2.0

Video Security Surevision 2.0

Designed for performance, premium experience, and mission-critical applications, the Sarix Enhanced Range with SureVision 2.0 delivers industry-leading image quality in the most difficult lighting conditions.


Featuring next-generation SureVision technology, these IP cameras simultaneously combine wide dynamic range (WDR), low-light and anti-bloom capabilities for clear, detailed images.

And uniquely, Sarix Enhanced Range cameras do this simultaneously – there is no need to choose a setting and change it when lighting conditions change.

The Sarix Enhanced Range is ideal for gaming, critical infrastructure, education and many other mission-critical applications.


Sarix Professional Range with Superior Adaptive IR

The ability to capture and identify important details in the dark, such as faces and license plates, is critical for effective site security and protection. That’s where Sarix Professional Range environmental dome and bullet cameras with Adaptive IR Illumination excel.

While many competing cameras struggle using IR as a source of illumination, oftentimes oversaturating objects as they approach the lens, Sarix Professional Range cameras dynamically optimize exposure settings in the presence of IR to capture the finest details in parking lots, city streets, schools, college campuses, and construction sites.

Sarix Professional Security Camera
Sarix TI Security Camera
Sarix TI Thermal Imaging

When external lighting is not an option, or when you simply do not want to highlight the very assets you are looking to secure, Sarix TI thermal imaging cameras deliver the detailed image quality necessary to make immediate, informed decisions.

Even in total darkness, through smoke, fog, rain and haze, Sarix TI, along with its suite of intelligent video analytics, allows you to see potential threats that cannot be captured by a standard visible light camera.

From critical infrastructures, ports, and extended perimeters to industrial and even non-security applications, thermal imaging is a powerful solution.

Lighting Accessories

As users move away from the expense, energy consumption and "light pollution" of traditional exterior and flood lighting approaches to security lighting, individual IR and White Light LED illumination provides excellent, efficient solutions for improved video surveillance performance, complementing current camera technology.

Security Lighting