Esprit TI PT

Esprit Thermal Imaging Camera 2 Series

Pan and Tilt thermal cameras that help protect mission-critical environments.

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esprit TI 2 Series

The Esprit TI camera series offer a state-of-the-art VGA-resolution pan-and-tilt thermal imaging cameras with imaging optimized for threat detection. Combined with a precision PTZ observation system, the Esprit TI camera series is a video surveillance solution that provides 360-degree situational awareness.

The series allows for mid-range detection and observation using the latest 17μ 640x480 thermal sensor technology. You get a selection of athermalized lenses optimized for exceptional detection of people and objects. The camera series is also ruggedized to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, including rain, humidity, dust, and more. The Esprit TI series is perfect for high-performance applications where constant situational awareness and threat detection for perimeter surveillance and high-value asset monitoring is mission-critical.


The LWIR (7.5-14μ band) uncooled ASi microbolometer is ideal in that no external light source is needed. The solution is also efficient and highly tolerant of smoke, dust, and fog. State-of-the-art 17μ pixels allows for a small VGA sensor, offering more pixels on target, lower cost optics, and camera size. Additionally, the low <40° mK NETD captures threats that have a similar temperature to background.

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Unmatched image processing algorithms provide users with enhanced contrast for improved detection, classification, and recognition. The Esprit TI includes zone motion edge analytics and configuration to optimized performance for the scene and the desired detection behaviors.

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This camera series is ONVIF Profile S compliant, and with just one cable connection for video, communication, and power, users can expect simple installations and integrations. Users can also choose from 8.3Hz or 25Hz frame rates.

Product Types

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Esprit® TI 2 Series Thermal PT IP Positioning Systems


The Esprit® TI Series Thermal IP Positioning System is an advanced thermal imaging pan/tilt system designed for easy integration into any new or existing video security application. The system is designed to provide detection, recognition, and identification of people and vehicles in any lighting condition, including complete darkness. Esprit TI Series Thermal IP Positioning System features an integrated environmentally protected IP66 rated enclosure with pan/ tilt positioner, which can be controlled using IP protocols.

  • Thermal observation system with an integrated pan tilt mechanism
  • High quality, 24/7 performance
  • Unique image processing and enhanced contrast for video analytics systems
  • Mid-range detection and observation, uses the latest 17µ 640 x 480 (VGA) thermal technology
  • IP video output
  • Rugged design, IP66 ingress protection
  • ONVIF S compliant
  • Athermal optics (19 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm)
  • Multiple, configurable streams in H.264 and MJPEG
  • TCP/IP control

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Esprit Thermal Spec Sheet (English)
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