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About Zenitel

Zenitel is a leading provider of crystal-clear audio solutions for secure & critical intelligent communications systems, allowing people to hear, be heard and be understood. Anywhere. Anytime. We have a strong cross-market presence through our world-renowned brands.

Communication is critical in all areas of business; therefore, our expertise is focused on providing intelligent communication solutions that allow you to hear, be heard and be understood, every time. Zenitel systems interface with other security systems including CCTV, access control and alarm for a comprehensive security solution. Our primary system offering is within Public Address, Intercom and Radio. Our key markets include: Building Security, Public Safety, Transportation, Industrial Manufacturing, Energy and Maritime. Zenitel system provide high availability, scalability, reliability maintainability and cyber defensibility. By reducing hardware to a minimum, and keeping the benefits of centralized server management, organizations have more flexibility in scale and performance.

Solution Overview

The Stentofon Manager plugin integrates a Stentofon Alphacom system to VideoXpert. Calls can be made to stations listed in the plugin or directly using an integrated Dialpad. Video can be associated with each Turbine station by linking cameras and PTZ presets to each stations that an Ops Center user can communicate both audibly and visibly through the Ops Center.


VideoXpert Stentofon Integration Installer - v.


VideoXpert 3.10 – Stentofon Integration Install and Operation Manual

828 KB PDF


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Technical Contact


License Required

This integration will require a license from Pelco in addition to any Stentofon Alphacom licenses. You may use this integration for the first 90 days without a Pelco license. If you like the integration, please order part number "INT-STENTOFON" for this product before your 90 days expires.

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