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Founded in 1986, serving small to medium-sized businesses, Tyco Kantech, part of Johnson Controls, provides integrated access control technologies that are easy to install right out of the box, scalable, and reliable. Our flagship solution, EntraPass security management software and KT door controllers, allow for simpler configurations and provide robust reporting to enhance the user experience for both the installer setting up the system and the operator using the system. Available as a traditional or hosted/managed access control solution, Kantech Managed Service Dealers (MSD) and Managed Service Providers (MSP) are able to offer customers an highly tailored and intuitive user experience.

tyco kantech

Solution Overview

The proposed solution is an integration driver for Kantech EntraPass security management system. This integration helps Kantech EntraPass to connect with VideoXpert. The integrated system allows end users to use VideoXpert to access information from Kantech EntraPass. VideoXpert users may use Admin Portal or OpsCenter Client to view access control events from Kantech EntraPass.

The integration driver shall be using VxSDK for all its interfacing needs with VideoXpert. The integration driver also supports Pelco Access Control System Viewer to allow user information retrieval and control functionality of Kantech EntraPass devices in VideoXpert. This includes viewing Kantech EntraPass access control points and user lists in VideoXpert and sending control commands to the access control points.


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