Actively monitors large networks of cameras and tracks objects in real-time throughout the scenes.

About Ipsotek

Established in 2001, Ipsotek is a pioneer in the field of A.I.V.A. (Artificial Intelligence Video Analytics) and Scenario-based Intelligent Video Analytics for mission critical applications. Our highly scalable platform, VISuite AI, enables users to efficiently manage automatically generated alarms in real-time, resulting in reduced operator response times and the ability to track chosen behaviours of interest in complex environments.


Solution Overview | Ipsotek

VISuite AI actively monitors large networks of cameras and tracks objects in real-time throughout the scenes. The core Video Analytics element of VISuite AI is Ipsotek’s patented Scenario-Based Rule Engine (SBRE), a powerful tool to precisely define behaviours of interest as they would unfold in the real-world dynamic and complex environment. VI Suite’s SBRE can differentiate between complex scenarios such as a vehicle stopping opposite a sensitive building, driver leaving the vehicle and walking away, or a taxi stopping at the same location to let a passenger out. In short, the SBRE takes decisions and executes actions based on fusing Video Analytics, AI, and other multimodal information to automate and enhance surveillance.

Integration Overview

The Ipsotek developed integration into VideoXpert:

  • Send real-time and recorded video from VideoXpert to Ipsotek.
  • Based on analysis, automatically injects Ipsotek events into VideoXpert.
  • Provide an enriched data interface via the Ipsotek Plugin to visualize the following.
    • List of Ipsotek trigged events
    • Alarm video and alarm snapshots for each event
    • Alarm “sources” tab
    • Alarm video bookmarking

Hardware requirements include use of an Ipsotek VIS1T series A.I.V.A. server (Artificial Intelligence Video Analytics).

  • This integration is provided by Ipsotek.
  • Works with VideoXpert 3.01 or higher.
  • Ipsotek VISuite AI v11.3 of higher.

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