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About Databuoy

Databuoy was founded in 2006, and the name comes from early work with the US Navy. The nautical term, Data Buoys, refers to a network of sensors moored in the ocean that support passing ships. Databuoy’s sensor networks are land-based, but similarly moored” to persist, sense and serve passers by.

Solution: ShotPoint®

Databuoy’s Shotpoint® is an Acoustic Shooter Localization solution. Shotpoint® starts with a network of acoustic sensors. Each sensor contains four microphones that detect gunfire signatures and report to a central processor hosted in the cloud. Reports from all the detecting sensors are merged to accurately compute the source of the gunfire, notify proper authorities, and present a unified interface to operators.

The system is intended to assist local emergency responders improve response time and decision-making in an active shooter scenario. In many cases, there are surveillance cameras in place.

Shotpoint® notifications can cue those nearby cameras to observe the shooting event in real time. This means that responders can instantly observe the situation and react when a shooting occurs providing a life-saving capability.


Shotpoint® has been integrated with VideoXpert for complete real-time shot management from within the VideoXpert unified user interface.

This Provides Several Capabilities:

  1. The shot reporting application operates inside VideoXpert,
  2. Shot reports are annotated with imagery
  3. A camera stream from the nearest camera may be cued.

The Shotpoint® reporting application called the Know-When-It-Counts® (KWIC®) application can be launched inside the VideoXpert OpsCenter user interface when a gunshot occurs. 

KWIC® displays shot location coordinates and exact timing of shots onto a map or floor plan along with additional information about the health and status of the sensors.

This integration is available from Databuoy.

License Not Required

This integration software requires a free license from Pelco in addition to any licenses required by Databuoy. You may use initial integrations for the first 90 days without a Pelco license. Please order Pelco part number INT-SHOTPOINT for a permanent license.

Latest Updates

This integration works with VideoXpert 3.x.

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