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About A2 Technology

a2® is an innovative, successful and dynamic technology company primarily focused on Video Analysis solutions. Spanning Smart Cities and Safe Cities, a2 provides intelligent and advanced software for the traffic, transportation and security sectors such as Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems, traffic enforcement systems and video content analysis. All a2 solutions are built on unique scenario-based algorithms developed using a combination of conventional image processing methods and modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Solution Overview | A2-VCA And A2-ANPR


a2-VCA is a scenario-based video content analysis solution processing live streams taken from the cameras in real-time; immediately alerting operators with audible and visual alarms based on detection of violations, incidents and accidents. a2-VCA analytics automatically learns the background perspective,then detects and tracks moving or stationary foreign objects. It classifies the object related to advanced artificial intelligence modules, analyzes the motion pattern, and converts to information. Depending on the predefined risk scenarios, it determines the risk factor of the object and trajectory and generates an alarm instantly if it is above the threshold level. 


a2-ANPR Number Plate Recognition System is more than a character recognition solution, it is literally a road safety application, with innovative features such as vehicle analysis and the detection of non-vehicle moving objects on the road. It detects and tracks moving objects, decides whether there is a vehicle, classifies vehicles, and also determines Brand-Type-Color information. It creates an exception record for motorcycles, tractors or vehicles without license plates. It reads the license plates and supports security units in catching missing, illegal, stolen or suspicious vehicles. 

The integration of VideoXpert and a2 based on a2-VCA and a2-ANPR offers advanced plug-ins and functions such as; 

  • Receives and analyzes streams from the cameras managed by VideoXpert.
  • The alarm conditions and notifications generated as a result of the analysis can be sent to VideoXpert as an event. Also, as a bookmark, it tags the relevant time interval of the related camera.
  • Can show the camera stream in different monitors by managing the monitors in case of an alarm.
  • Support customizable video walls if multiple monitors are available. For example, when there is an alarm, it can show the alarm camera and associated cameras (PTZ or close cameras) on video wall monitors.
  • Sends the health status of the analysis software to VideoXpert as an event.
  • Failures that may occur in the analysis software can be checked via VideoXpert.
  • Video clips of the alarms can be exported via VideoXpert; this can be managed automatically or by user request.
  • a2-EventViewer plug-in displays live view and alarm list in the VideoXpert Ops Center. The video clip of the alarm can be played in the plug-in. Configurations of the analysis software can be viewed in the plug-in.
  • The a2-Reporting plug-in performs the functions of listing, querying and exporting alarms produced by the Analysis software within the Ops Center.
  • This integration is available from a2 Technology
  • Compatible VideoXpert 3.1 and higher versions

License Required

This integration software requires a free license from Pelco in addition to any licenses required by a2 Technology. You may use initial integrations for the first 90 days without a Pelco license. Please order Pelco part number INT-A2TEKNOLOJI for a permanent license.

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