High Reliability, Full HD PTZ IP Systems


Pressurized w/Wiper Model Option

Illuminator Options

Wiper & Pressurized Models only

2x Vari-Zoom IR Illuminators or

1x IR + 1x White light


Pelco’s iconic Esprit Enhanced positioning system is ideal for situations where overt coverage provides a visual deterrence to intrusion, in mission critical situations requiring a highly durable and reliable camera system, where visible light is not desired nor permitted, where lighting and weather conditions vary, and where coverage well above the horizon is needed.

Best applications include:

  • Perimeter of a corrections facility or a border
  • Airports, seaports, and refineries that cannot afford down time
  • Military installations or other high security assets needing a fast and highly responsive camera to watch the air and identify approaching aircraft or other airborne threats
  • Cities and Oil & Gas operations in the “safe zone” (no explosion risk areas)


Enclosure Type Non IR w/ IR W/IR+WL
HPoE, 24 VAC, 48 VDC 100 - 240 VAC 48 VDC 100 - 240 VAC 48 VDC 100 - 240 VAC
Standard ES6230-02 ES6230-05 -- -- -- --
With Wiper ES6230-12 ES6230-15 ES6230-12-R2 ES6230-15-R2 ES6230-12-RWUS ES6230-15-RWUS
Pressurized & Wiper ES6230-12P ES6230-15P ES6230-12P-R2 ES6230-15P-R2 ES6230-12P-RWUS ES6230-15P-RWUS










Dual Stream

IP Video



S | G | Q



With Bitrate Feedback



Improved Image Contrast & Color



Technical Specifications


Best in Class Camera Imaging

This industry-leading integrated package offers responsive, high-definition, high-speed positioning capabilities, outstanding weather protection, and ease-of-installation that remains unmatched in video security.

  • Surevision 3.0 Technology:
    • 130dB WDR
    • Advanced Low Light Down to 0.03 LUX, Anti-Bloom Technology, 3D Noise Filtering, Enhanced Tone Mapping
  • Up to Full HD 1080p and up to 60 Images per Second
  • Full Suite of Built-In Analytics Including AutoTracker, Adaptive Motion Detection, Abandoned Object, and More.
  • Defog Mode Provides Three Levels of Fog Removal Within the Image for Improved Image Quality during Bad Weather Conditions
  • Vivid Mode Can be Turned On/Off to Drastically Improve the Image Contrast and Color Saturation
  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • Pan/Tilt and Enclosure with Integrated Optics Package (IOP) or Pressurized Integrated Optics Cartridge (IOC)
  • Dual Stream H.264 IP Video with Smart Compression
  • 16 Preset Tours, 256 Presets, 32 Window Blanks, 8 scans, 8 presets
  • Integrated Window Wiper with Configurable Delay and Shut-Off (ES6230-1x Models)
  • ONVIF Profile S, Profile G, Profile Q Conformant
  • NTCIP 1205 & Kapsh conformant.
  • 360° Continuous Pan Rotation at 140° per Second
  • SFP Port is available for Pelco FSP Modules
  • HPoE, 24VAC, 48VDC or 100-240V

Top of the Line IP Performance

  • Construction: Die-cast, extruded and sheet aluminum;
    stainless steel hardware
  • Finish: Gray polyester powder coat
  • Variable Speed:  0.1° to 140°
  • Preset Accuracy:  ±0.1°
  • Pan Movement:  360° continuous pan rotation
  • Vertical Tilt:  Unobstructed +40° to –90°


SureVision 3.0 Comparison

Defog Comparison

IR Illuminator

  • Vari-Zoom IR Illuminator Option with 200 Meter Range
  • Long-range Illumination (200+ meters)
  • Angle and Power of illumination synchronized with camera zoom
  • Consistent illumination throughout camera zoom range
  • Certified for all regions
Variable Illumination: Lighting in the harsh environments where Esprit Enhanced is used will vary greatly, and the long-range, variable-zoom IR feature adjusts automatically.



The Award-Winning Esprit Enhanced, Now with IR + White Light Illuminator Option

Pelco’s award-winning 2018 award-winning Esprit Enhanced mission-critical PTZ cameras are now available with full color overt white light illumination and covert IR lighting:

  • Dual mode (1x) white light range: Adjustable up to 250 Meter (>20% mean pixel value brightness increase in color mode)
  • User configurable White Light level to optimize for conditions
  • Dual mode (1x) IR light range: Vari-Zoom up to 100 Meter
  • Designed to switch between IR and white light (manually, programmed, or via alarm)
  • Optimized security detail with color
  • Visual white light deterrent



Effortless, Pressurized Integrated Optics


The Esprit Enhanced Series system’s IOC contains dry nitrogen pressurized to 10 psig, which protects the environment inside the cartridge eliminating internal condensation and corrosion. Sensors are strategically placed in the cartridge to monitor pressure, which is then displayed on the Web UI. The IOC is factory assembled and installed in Esprit Enhanced Series systems.

All labor intensive procedures of setting up the camera, lens and charging the unit with dry nitrogen are eliminated. The miniature size of the cartridge decreases the future need for maintenance and increases the overall reliability of the pressurized unit.

  • Pressurized to 10 psig, Nominal (Sea Level, 21°C [70°F])
  • Internal Sensor for Pressure Reading
  • Designed to IP66 Standards

Pelco's pressurized 30x optical zoom module that delivers market leading image quality for even the toughest outdoor environments. Paired with Pelco's illuminator modification, the camera ensures that image quality is top-of-the-line, even on the darkest of nights.




Pelco’s Esprit Enhanced cameras are ideally suited for numerous environments: traffic monitoring, seaports, airports, and perimeter security such as borders or corrections to name a few. Pelco is a trusted partner where reliability and robustness are crucial to protect people and assets.


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