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Solution Overview

Motorola Solutions Compass Decision Management System™ offers an intuitive operational interface that supports the decision-making process for control room operators. From a single pane of glass, it provides organizations with a companion application that helps to improve consistency and effectiveness of response actions when presented with better insights from all their connected safety and security systems: video management, access control and key management, fire and intrusion detection panels, VoIP intercoms, telephony and public address, building automation and management, and IoT devices.

Integration Overview

Compass offers a deep integration with VideoXpert®, Pelco’s video management solution, delivering a combined solution of Video Management and Decision Management. Integrating Compass with VideoXpert allows operators to handle video analytic events with custom procedures showing operators pre and post-alarm video clips to help determine if each event is a critical issue and how to deal with it. Compass automatically downloads those video clips from VideoXpert®, and adds them to incident reports.

Supported Features

Avoid human error and reduce operators' response time with custom SOPs

Easily design and deploy customized and interactive SOPs to ensure operators are always guided through each action, for day-today operations, technical issues, and critical incidents. Compass guides operators step-by-step throughout the entire incident management process.

Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs)

Compass removes subjectivity so that decision-making is supported by the data and potential risks identified before they become a problem. For example, quickly identify why you are receiving false alarms so that solutions can be implemented and wasted hours minimized.

Demonstrate compliance

Compass automatically generates fully auditable incident reports that details every action that each operator took, together with the operators' comments, snapshots, audio calls, and video clips. Periodic reports are automatically generated and emailed to key stakeholders.

Detect issues early with remote tours

Potential incidents can be avoided with frequent monitoring of important areas. Each remote tour is made of multiple configurable checkpoints that combine cameras with custom SOPs to focus the attention of the operator at each checkpoint. Remote tours can be scheduled for fixed days and times or triggered randomly to avoid routine.


Compass Fact Sheet

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Compass Integration Drivers Fact Sheet

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Compass Infographic

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Compass Server Datasheet

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