Introducing New VMS Compatibility Modes for Optera


Optera 180, 270, and 360 cameras are the next best thing to being in the middle of the scene itself, offering a seamless panoramic viewing experience and intuitive immersive views that competitive offerings simply cannot match.




Optera Stitched and Blended Panoramic View






Optera's Panomersive Experience is currently available in the following video management systems and the list is growing!




Optera in VideoXpert












Optera's Compatibility Modes





Ease of Integration with the Panomersive Mode

Now integration of the Panomersive Experience with third party VMS partners is even easier. Optera’s Panomersive Modes include the original h.264 option and a new uni-stream option to accommodate more VMS platforms than ever before! 

Both options deliver the fantastic Panomersive Experience you crave! Video from the four sensors is stitched and blended at the boundaries to present you with a natural continuous panorama. No more worries about poor alignment between sensors, having to manually arrange images, or gaps in information. Take in the whole panoramic scene and simultaneously drill down into crisp detailed immersive views where you can pan, tilt, and zoom to your areas of interest.

Optera Milestone Plugin













A SecondTiled Option

At the same time, we recognize that some smaller VMS partners may choose not to invest in integrating Optera’s full Panomersive Experience. For those partners, we now offer a second tiled option.

Optera’s Tiled Mode still uses advanced SureVision 2.0 technology to optimize images from each of the four sensors and then seamlessly stitches and blends them together at the boundaries for smooth color balance across the entire scene. The panorama is then sliced into three (180⁰ and 360⁰ models) or four (270⁰ models) streams for convenient viewing on any ONVIF-compliant VMS.















Own the System You Want

Optera’s new compatibility modes give you the flexibility to own the surveillance system you want and still get the industry leading benefits of Optera.


Visit the Optera page on Pelco’s Partner First site for a current list of third-party VMS integration partners.