VideoXpert Plates


VideoXpert Plates is an automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system for video streams, used to detect and capture vehicle license plates. Pelco's license plate software enables access control for parking lots, compares plate reads to user lists to identify VIPs or suspicious vehicles, and generally provides visibility to the vehicle traffic in an area.

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Accuracy at Speed


VideoXpert Plates ALPR software delivers highly accurate, globally deployable plate identification using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) engine technology to minimize false positives. Pelco’s automatic license plate software can capture vehicle plates moving up to 150 mph / 250 kph, and easily integrates with VideoXpert and other video management systems, or can be used as a standalone product.

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Automatically Protect Restricted Areas


For entry and exit systems that rely on whitelists or blacklists of license plates, VideoXpert Plates automatically enables entry or exit applications, such as gates, fences and parking garage doors. This speeds up queues and reduces the need for additional security staff at airports, casinos, college campuses, entertainment venues, and government facilities.

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Adaptable to Your Environment


VideoXpert Plates is a complete ALPR solution that  can be deployed globally to simultaneously capture vehicle plates from multiple states, provinces, and countries, including vehicles that cross borders, without the need for additional engines or database purchases. This global system can read plates issued by more than 200 countries. The ALPR system complies with US and EU government cybersecurity regulations.


How it Works


VIdeoXpert Plates is designed for cities, airports, governments, commercial operations, educational campuses, and other applications that need highly accurate license plate recognition.


VideoXpert Plates provides the license plate reads that enable users to:

  • Identify, validate and control parking rights of entry / exit
  • Locate, track, and or measure traffic flow / travel time
  • Initiate “green light waves”
  • Enforce cashless toll collection
  • Identify persons of interest, VIPs, or lawbreakers (for fine collections)


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Try it Today!

VideoXpert Plates ALPR is available to demo for 30 days free of charge. Simply download and install the software to experience VideoXpert Plates for yourself.




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