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Pelco’s VideoXpert video management system allows security professionals to easily see what they need to see, when they want to see it. Available in Enterprise, Ultimate, and Professional packages, this VMS software provides a scalable solution ranging from entry-level surveillance set ups to systems that support tens of thousands of cameras across multiple continents. VideoXpert can be optimized with Pelco hardware or seamlessly integrated with third-party cameras, but it is always backed by an unparalleled level of support. 


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New Version Update : VideoXpert


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The version 2.5 upgrade is now available for download by current VideoXpert customers and for purchase by new customers. 


Leading-Edge Capabilities

The latest release of VideoXpert v2.5 adds new capabilities to keep security operations on the leading-edge of VMS technology advances. New and enhanced VideoXpert features include:

Rules Engine

Gives surveillance operators greater control by defining responses to specific triggers that drive VX behaviors. Through a simple UI, choose a source (such as a camera or device) and an event (such as motion or a camera going offline). You have the option to schedule these. Then define a response: PTZ to preset 2, bookmark video, lock video, start pattern, send video or monitor, or a custom script.

Pelco Camera Link

This Pelco-Exclusive feature couples the panoramic coverage of Pelco Optera cameras to the 30X zoom capability of Pelco’s Spectra Enhanced cameras.  VideoXpert v2.5 allows operators to link specific cameras and make decisions based on the scene. 

Intelligent Analytics Overlays

VideoXpert v2.5 improves an operator’s ability to identify customer-defined events by putting a visual overlay on the exact spot where it occurs. These never-miss-a-moment alarm indicators are visible in live, playback, and exported videos.

ROI Bounding Box in Optera Panoramic View

Panoramic views that effectively contextualize the scene are now accessible in your VideoXpert OpsCenter. Used by itself, the ROI bounding box lets operators quickly ascertain where they are looking in the DPTZ view. When paired with 2-camera tracking, this provides a differentiating and powerful solution that gives operators high contextual awareness with the ability to laser focus on areas of interest.


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Have existing hardware? No problem. Install the VXPro demo licenses on your existing equipment to experience all it has to offer.  Once you’ve experienced VXP,  you can upgrade to a full-featured license. It’s that easy.





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