Customization Makes One-Stop-Shop for Security a Reality

At Pelco, we serve a variety of partners and end-users in a wide range of industries, from airports and train stations to casinos and sports arenas. What’s striking about working in so many industry verticals is that no customer is alike; each one has a unique set of security needs and related stakeholder groups that ultimately shape their approach to surveillance. While there are undoubtedly plenty of similar customer requirements that we hear over and over again, there are a host of individualized modifications that can (and should) result in a truly unique solution.

That explains why we have made customization for our customers a top priority. Our commitment to being the best video surveillance and security solution provider in the world comes not just from our dedication to producing the most advanced IP video security products and systems, but in our ability to work with each individual customer to design solutions tailored to address their specific needs.

Simply providing surveillance solutions that aim to address the most common needs of a certain vertical, such as gaming or airport security, is not enough. Video surveillance providers who do no more than that invariably force their customers to fill gaps by contracting with additional vendors for other products and services, often at a much greater expense of time, money and risk.

Our goal is to address all of the security needs in one solution, from one provider, offering greater efficiencies in terms of security management, customer support, and budget. We provide specific modifications in terms of software, hardware, and firmware to meet the needs of key stakeholders.

Common Customizations

As a global provider of security and surveillance solutions, we receive many different customization requests from our network of partner integrators and end customers. One of the most common customizations we configure is the integration of a facility’s access control system into our Video Management System, VideoXpert. In layman’s terms, that means every time somebody enters a facility using a key card, there is not only a record of their entry in the access control system, but that record is accompanied by video footage of the event taking place. In other words, the open architecture of products like VideoXpert can integrate a wide variety of 3rd party security products, resulting in a highly scalable and extensible solution that can meet the ever evolving needs of an end user

Similarly, another frequent customization request is the integration an incident report program into VideoXpert. For many security professionals responsible for protecting the physical assets of an enterprise or government entity, the ability to provide a detailed report complete with video evidence is essential to satisfying the needs of related requests from law enforcement, insurance companies and oversight boards. With VideoXpert integration to 3rd party incident report programs, the process is quick, painless and accurate. The result is a boost in work efficiency, timeliness of reports, accuracy of damage reporting for insurance, and even a reduction of repeat incidents through improved coordination with law enforcement.

Many of our customers want video cameras that direct their focus to moving objects if nothing is occurring in the spot where they’re pointed. In those cases, we are able to install Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) IP cameras. When video cameras detect and focus on people or things that are moving, say at crowded baggage claim areas in busy airports or on offshore oil rigs with crews working 24/7 under extreme conditions, they are much more likely to be recording the significant events, including crimes, inappropriate behavior, and even work-related accidents.

Other customers have very precise demands when it comes to the aesthetics of their surveillance equipment. We happily comply with all such requests, painting and wrapping cameras to blend into the environment rather than have them stick out like a sore thumb.

One System to Run Them All

The fact is centralizing security programs in one interface like VideoXpert makes work more efficient, cost-effective and safer. The more that key security functions operate on separate systems, the greater the risk of missed incidents and security breaches. Indeed, a single surveillance interface makes it easier to isolate sensitive resources that could be tampered with. Bottom-line: Setting up a single workstation accessed by trained surveillance personnel is far better than disparate systems spread around an organization with varying degrees of security access.

The Upshot

There are hardly any customizations that are out-of-bounds when it comes to Pelco surveillance solutions. Not only are we eager to offer our partners and their end users the full range of our own hardware and software features, but we want our solutions to empower them to leverage any other useful security tool from any other provider.

If you’re wondering whether we can help you integrate a certain feature or customize your solution in a certain way, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are eager to investigate all requests.

Tracking Undesirable Behavior in Casinos

Casinos with hotel properties are popular vacation destinations, and with good reason. They provide numerous forms of entertainment and amenities from one location to the next, including gaming halls, pools and beaches, spas, retail shops, amusement parks, and restaurants. Surveillance and security personnel need to be on top of all of these high traffic areas, and the unique challenges that these amenities face as complements to gaming operations.

Because they are attractions across all demographics and cultures, gaming properties and casinos attract a very wide variety of visitors, many of whom elicit undesirable behaviors ranging from alcohol and substance abuse to cheating.

Casino security has to balance a welcoming guest-focused attitude with a firm and capable presence to prevent and handle problems as they arise. Surveillance and security operations are a mainstay at casinos because they support a range of business imperatives, including not only the protection of employees, patrons and assets, but also compliance with stringent gaming regulations.

For many casinos, one of the best ways to create a highly structured, discreet and secure environment is by employing advanced video surveillance technologies that support high-quality analytics. In addition to delivering high levels of situational awareness, these systems also deliver documented evidence for investigations and court cases.

Integrated analytics in fixed, PTZ, 360 degree, and panoramic security cameras can help to detect undesirable behaviors – such as an object left behind, card counting at the gaming table, a door propped open, a guest whose behavior is inappropriate, theft from employees or vendors, and more – and send alerts to security personnel. Surveillance analytics can also track identified individuals from camera to camera throughout the premises. Additionally, facial recognition analytics can alert operators if a known offender enters the casino, freeing security officers from constant monitoring of entrances and exits. And heat mapping can provide valuable insight into loitering statistics so that security officers can better allocate staff to problematic areas. The vast amounts of data provided by the surveillance system can be reviewed for specific trends to prevent further incidents from taking place, and deliver new sources of business intelligence.

With integrated video imaging, camera control and management, and analytics technologies in place, gaming facilities can have the real-time situational awareness and data needed to respond to and deescalate real potential threats and incidents from guests with simply bad manners and behavior.

The Heart of Pelco: Jasminka Strbevski

Each month, we introduce you to the people that make Pelco work: the engineers, customer support staff, sales people, marketing managers, executive leadership and everyone in between. Get to know them a little better, how they like to spend their time, their role at Pelco and why they love what they do. We welcome you into our Pelco family, one person at a time.

This month, meet Jasminka Strbevski, International Account Specialist, based in Pelco’s Clovis, Calif., office:

What is your current role at Pelco? 

I am an International Account Specialist. I handle the United Kingdom, Qatar, Italy, Netherlands, Malta, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Slovenia and Greece. What I mean by “handle” is that I am responsible for making sure that customers from these countries have their orders in our system and the orders are shipping from the designated distribution centers in a timely manner. Essentially, I’m the communication person between our customers in these regions, and our factory and planning teams. I also assist our customers in the United States and Canada as needed.

What does a typical day look like? 

I arrive at the office at 5 a.m. I arrive early so I can assist my customers overseas through at least half of their workday. This eliminates delay in communications because of the time difference. Being able to have my customers reach out to me for issues, especially if urgent, is one of my No. 1 priorities. No workday is ever the same. Each day poses new challenges but at the end of the day, making sure our customers are taken care of is all that matters.

In your opinion, what is the key to achieving excellence in customer service? 

Passionate people, like those that can be found within Pelco, are paramount to maintaining the amazing relationships you have with your customers. Behind the scenes, there is a lot of work that happens to get an item expedited from the factory and delivered on time, so it’s important to have a team in place that is able to communicate effectively and who share a passion for customer service. At times, we work long hours to make sure documentation is prepared or orders are entered. It is well understood that we need to always be better than our competitors and I feel that providing such a high level of customer service gives us that advantage. The Pelco name is one people associate with being the best and I like to think our internal teams helped build that reputation.

What are your favorite things about your job? 

Working with the people I work with! Whether I am interacting with the people in my Clovis office, my reps or the customers in the countries I support, I always enjoy my encounters and have a tremendous appreciation for these relationships. I have been at Pelco for 11  1/2 years  and can say it feels like being part of one large family.

Favorite things about this industry? 

Seeing the advancements in the technology and the products created. When I visit a city, store, museum or monument and see a Pelco camera, I am filled with pride knowing that I have contributed to getting that “eye in the sky.”

What do you do on your days off? 

In my free time, I like to bake, garden, fish, and enjoy time with my family and friends. I like taking weekend trips to recharge the batteries for the following week.