Pelco will repair or replace, without charge, any merchandise proved defective in material or worksmanship for a period of one (1) year after the date of shipment. 


Exceptions to this Warranty

Five years:

  • Fiber optic products

  • Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) transmission products

  • CC3701H-2, CC3701H-2X, CC3751H-2, CC3651H-2X, MC3651H-2, and MC3651H-2X camera models

  • Illuminator products: IR850S-65, IR850M-120, IR850L-220, IR940S-30, IR940M-60, IR940L-110, WLEDS-50, WLEDM-90, WLEDL-150

Three years:

  • GFC Professional 4K

  • Sarix IBD Series High Security Corner Camera

  • All Optera 180-, 270- and 360-degree IP Cameras

  • All Evolution and Evolution Mini Fisheye IP Cameras

  • Sarix Professional Range IP Cameras

  • Sarix Enhanced Range IP Cameras

  • FD Series and BU Series analog camera models

  • IX, IM, ID and IE Series fixed network cameras and network dome cameras with Sarix® technology

  • Sarix thermal imaging products (TI and ESTI Series)

  • Fixed analog camera models (C20 Series, CCC1390H Series, C10DN Series, and C10CH Series)

  • EH14, EH16 and EH1512 Series Enclosures

  • Spectra® IV products (including Spectra IV IP)

  • Spectra HD dome products

  • Spectra Enhanced High-Speed Domes

  • Esprit Enhanced IP Positioning System (ES6 series)

  • Camclosure® IS Series integrated camera systems

  • DX Series video recorders

  • Digital Sentry® Series DS SRV hardware NVR and ENC5416 direct attached encoders and DS NVS software.

  • Endura® Series distributed IP VMS hardware and software

  • VideoXpert® Series distributed IP VMS hardware and software

  • Genex® Series products (multiplexers, server, and keyboard)

  • PMCL200/300/400/600 Series LCD monitors

  • PMCL5xxF Series, PMCL5xxNB Series, and PMCL5xxBL LCD monitors

  • EtherConnect EoC series

  • Fortified Series Enclosures

Two years:

  • Spectra Professional Dome Products

  • Esprit HD Integrated Positioning Systems

  • Esprit Enhanced IP Positioning Systems (ES5 series)

  • Standard varifocal, fixed focal, and motorized zoom lenses

  • DF5/DF8 Series fixed dome products

  • Legacy® Series integrated positioning systems

  • Spectra Mini, Spectra Mini IP, Esprit®, ExSite®, ExSite IP, and PS20 scanners, including when used in continuous motion applications

  • Esprit TI and TI2500 Series thermal imaging products

  • Esprit and WW5700 Series window wiper (excluding wiper blades)

  • CM6700/CM6800/CM9700 Series matrix

  • ExSite Enhanced Explosionproof Camera Systems

Six months:

  • All non-integrated (excludes Spectra, Esprit, Exsite) pan and tilts, scanners, or preset lenses used in continuous motion applications (preset scan, tour, and auto scan modes)

180 days:

  • All refurbished products; also known as Bgoods or Select goods. Refurbished stock can only be returned for repair within the 180 day warranty period, no credit options are available.


Warranty Information:

Pelco will warrant all replacement parts and repairs for 90 days from the date of Pelco shipment.

All goods requiring warranty repair shall be sent freight prepaid to a Pelco designated location. Repairs made necessary by reason of misuse, alteration, normal wear, or accident are not covered under this warranty.

Pelco assumes no risk and shall be subject to no liability for damages or loss resulting from the specific use or application made of the Products. Pelco’s liability for any claim, whether based on breach of contract, negligence, infringement of any rights of any party or product liability, relating to the Products shall not exceed the price paid by the Dealer to Pelco for such Products.

In no event will Pelco be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages (including loss of use, loss of profit, and claims of third parties) however caused, whether by the negligence of Pelco or otherwise.

The above warranty provides the Dealer with specific legal rights. The Dealer may also have additional rights, which are subject to variation from state to state.

If a service is required, the Dealer must obtain a Return Merchandize number (RMA) by contacting Pelco at (800) 289-9100 or (559) 292-1981.
The following information must be provided:
  • Product model and serial number

  • Date of shipment, P.O. number, sales order number, or Pelco invoice number

  • Details of the defect or problem  

  • If there is a dispute regarding the warranty of a product that does not fall under the warranty conditions stated above, please include a written explanation with the product when returned.

  • Goods returned for repair should be clearly identified with the assigned RMA number and freight should be prepaid. Method of return shipment shall be the same or equal to the method by which the item was received by Pelco.


Extended Warranty:

Product warranty can be extended up to five (5) years beyond standard warranty period on select camera and video management hardware. Extended warranties may be purchased by direct customers only and must be purchased by date of product shipment. Product exclusions apply. 

Eligible products include the following:

Up to Five (5) additional years:

  • Optera 180-, 270- and 360-degree IP Cameras

  • Evolution and Evolution Mini 360-Degree IP Cameras

  • Sarix Professional Next Generation IP Fixed Cameras (IMP, IJP and IBP series)

  • Sarix Enhanced Next Generation IP Fixed Cameras (IXE, IBE, and IME series)

  • Sarix thermal imaging products (SP-ESTI3 and SP-ESTM3 Series)

  • Spectra Enhanced High-Speed Domes (S6220 and S6230 series)

  • Spectra Professional High-Speed Domes (P1220 series)

  • Esprit HD and Esprit Enhanced Integrated Positioning Systems (ES5230 & ES5230L series)

Up to Two (2) additional years:

  • VideoXpert IP VMS (CMG, Ops Center, Storage & Accessories Server models)

  • Endura IP VMS (SM5200, WS5080, VCD5202, NSM5200 & UDI5000-CAM models)

  • Digital Sentry (DSSRV2, DS-CCPC, ENC5516 models)


Returns and Claims:

In the case of logistic, technical, or commercial claims, please contact Pelco at (800) 289-9100 or (559) 292-1981 All claims must be accompanied by the RMA number which must be clearly displayed on the outside of the box. Non-compliance to this policy will result in shipment returned to sender. 

Product must be returned within 30 days of RMA issuance properly packaged, including all components and peripherals, and the goods must be free of obvious damage due to rough and/or improper handling. Failure to comply can result in product returned to sender at customer’s expense or a restock fee may be applied. A credit will only be issued after the product is received and evaluated by Pelco.

Should a technical failure occur (Failed after Install or Dead on Arrival), Pelco will replace the product within 3 months of invoice at no charge, once Dead on Arrival or Failed After Install status is confirmed by a Pelco Authorized Service Center. The customer is responsible for inbound freight to Pelco in such instances. Pelco reserves the right to ship service/refurbished stock as replacements for defective material.

All merchandise returned outside of the technical failure policy will be processed as a repair only. Goods returned for repair should be clearly identified with the assigned RMA number and freight should be prepaid. The repaired product will be sent back to the customer with freight paid by Pelco.


Product Licensing:

All software licenses for Digital Sentry, Endura and VideoXpert systems may be transferred to a new physical (or virtual "VM") system a maximum of one (1) time for the purpose of allowing a customer to replace ageing or failing hardware. Any exception to this rule is at the sole discretion of Pelco Technical Support for the purpose of a catastrophic system failure only. Any abuse is strictly prohibited and may result in suspension of your account or support services.