Video Security Expert Services

As security systems continue to increase in sophistication, valuable time and training resources are required to confidently configure and service these complex, integrated solutions.

To help our resellers, we are proud to offer Pelco Expert Services, an exciting opportunity to help increase your revenue and expand service to your customers. This powerful fee-based service program for Pelco resellers delivers an outstanding way to stimulate your business by leveraging our industry-leading customer services. 

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Field Services
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Audit Services

Gain the competitive edge and ensure projects get off to the right start, with Pelco by Schneider Electric pre-project audit services. By meeting certification and accreditation standards, customers can rest assured their systems are working efficiently and will continue to meet their needs in the future.

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Deploy Service

Deploying a complex system can be both challenging and time consuming. But the Pelco Expert Services team is available to make deployment more efficient, while ensuring configurations are built for optimized system performance.

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Consultancy Service

Whether you require assistance for migrating an analog video security system to an IP solution or step-by-step support for an entire project with Pelco security products, help is just a phone call away.

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Network Service

With IP‐focused security solutions, optimizing network performance is critical. The Pelco Network Services team is trained and certified to offer network expertise in some of the most advanced security installations, including design of these complex systems.

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Field Training Services
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Training Services

With complex, integrated systems, education is imperative. Pelco Field Training Services provides access to the highest quality of customized professional training to help build sales and product knowledge for increased business value.

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