Pelco Video Security System

Looking for a video security system that enables your business to access, analyze and act on critical information quickly, efficiently and intelligently?

We have some things to talk about.

Whether you’re an integrator, an architect, or an engineer; in charge of security and surveillance at a casino, a hospital, or an oilrig in the North Atlantic; a business’ CEO, CFO, or CSO, one thing is certain — Information is critical to your success.

And that is what security is all about: information.

It is because of our deep understanding of the demands placed on security professionals that we focus our system design approach in such a way that delivers the high-quality video information you demand while simultaneously supporting your company’s bottom line.

Choose with Confidence

choose with confidence

Pelco by Schneider Electric is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of IP-based video security systems, software and services ideal for any industry. Pelco is committed to designing and delivering a broad range of high-quality IP video security products and systems. And Pelco is just as committed to supporting its customers and products with a range of services unmatched in the industry.

IP Cameras for Any Application

Dedicated to the design and manufacture of IP cameras specifically engineered for the demands of video security, Pelco has an IP camera for any lighting condition, any environment, and any application.

Fixed IP, PTZ IP, Specialty IP and Panoramic IP cameras and be sure to use our Camera Selection Tool to find and compare the best camera for your application.


The introduction of the all-new VideoXpert incorporates industry-standard technologies to deliver powerful and flexible recording and video management solutions. Built on a foundation focused on intuitive design and user experience, VideoXpert empowers security professionals to spend more time focused on their jobs, and less time learning and navigating a system.

Scalable to easily tackle the most demanding enterprise-class applications and able to manage tens of thousands of cameras while aggregating information from hundreds to thousands of sites, VideoXpert is this generation’s Gateway to Performance.


Genuine Pelco accessories provide an upgrade for any video surveillance installation. Engineered to the highest standards and tested extensively to assure precise compatibility and optimum performance, all our accessories offer genuine Pelco quality, supported by the best service and guarantees in the industry. Save time, money, and provide tested and proven solutions for your customers — ask for genuine Pelco IP camera accessories.

Open & Integrated

Pelco customers can choose with confidence, knowing Pelco products are designed to be interoperable with solutions from other leading manufacturers and conformant with leading industry standards.

Pelco Customer Support
Customer Support

Choosing Pelco means choosing our unparalleled commitment to customer support. As the leader in innovative customer service, Pelco delivers an expanding array of services, tools, and programs — all designed to help customers manage their businesses more effectively.

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