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VideoXpert Pro With High Storage Capacity

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VXP-P2 storage boxes with larger capacity

There is a municipal code that requires video surveillance retention for 1‑year (365 Days). This code applies to City and State entities, i.e., Cities, Jails, PD, Water Districts, Libraries, and the list goes on. The struggle is that with such long retent rates, the storage maxed out very quickly, even with utilizing compression methods.” In this marketplace, we needed to have a competitive single box solution vs. the competition instead of having to place (2) VXP-P2 boxes into a customer’s rack. The task was to come up with a single-box solution with much more storage capacity without having to switch to the VXE system with lower camera counts.


2 – 004163


Four different sizes are available 120TB, 144TB, 160TB192TB


SM-VXP1205-4163, SM-VXP1445-4163,SM-VXP1605-4163, SM-VXP1925-4163


This Product carries all agency certifications as the standard product upon which this SMR product is based.


Standard Product Warranty The product produced under Special Modification Request (SMR) carries the warranty of the standard product upon which this SMR product is based.


VideoXpert Pro With High Storage Capacity

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