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Stainless Sarix Gen 3 and Optera in a Spectra Housing

Fixed Camera | Corrosive Resistance,Stainless Steel

Sarix Pro, Enhanced, or Optera camera mounted in a stainless 316L Spectra backbox.

Painted Pelco Light Gray and the lower dome is painted Pelco Charcoal Black


2 – 004160


Meets NEMA Type 4X and IP66 requirements. Country of origin is the United States for Enhanced versions.


SM-IMP231R-4160, SM-IMP531R-4160, SM-IME32US-4160, SM-IME38US-4160, SM-IMM18US-4160, SM-IMM27US-4160, SM-IMM36US-4160


Standard Product Warranty The product produced under Special Modification Request (SMR) carries the warranty of the standard product upon which this SMR product is based, with the following exceptions: SMR dark paint colors on outdoor or Custom Match products have a 3‑month warranty. Other SMR exemptions would be modifications that include any electronics or change to the thermal performance of the item have a 3‑month warranty.


The product produced under this Special Modification Request (SMR) does not carry any agency certifications.


Stainless Sarix Gen 3 and Optera in a Spectra Housing

3.3 MB ZIP