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SMR VideoXpert Plates Server

Systems | Professional LPR,VideoXpert Professional

SMR VideoXpert Plates Server is the hardware that is needed to run the Professional LPR version.

Based on VideoXpert Rackmount Workstation upgraded to Intel® Core i9-9900K, 64GB of total memory, 16TB of raw storage, Windows 10 IOT 2019. Licenses are sold separately.


2 – 004064


VideoXpert Plates APLR and Manager running on the same server. The specification sheet offers an example of the SMR server specification and the number of cameras that can be managed with the same server running both the VideoXpert Plates APLR and Manager software.




Carries all agency certifications of the standard product


Standard Product Warranty The product produced under Special Modification Request (SMR) carries the warranty of the standard product upon which this SMR product is based, with the following exceptions: SMR dark paint colors on outdoor or Custom Match products have a 3‑month warranty. Other SMR exemptions would be modifications that include any electronics or change to the thermal performance of the item have a 3‑month warranty.


Notwithstanding any applicable return policies in effect, any custom, bespoke, made-to-order products or special modification request (SMR) products are not returnable or cancellable except if damaged or defective. Quantity changes or cancellations are not permitted after the order is placed.


SMR VideoXpert Plates Server

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