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Online ordering has never been easier – or more secure – thanks to B.O.S.S. 5.1, Pelco by Schneider Electric’s Bid Ordering Specification Software. Featuring real-time pricing, detailed product information, specification documents, customizable price lists, enhanced security, administrative abilities and more, B.O.S.S. 5.1 is a powerful tool designed to help you select and order the products you need for your next installation.

  • Online Ordering
  • Real-Time Product Availability
  • Order Status & Tracking
  • Enhanced Security
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B.O.S.S.® 5.1 brings many conveniences to the fingertips of the user, including on-line ordering, order status and tracking, real-time pricing and product information, product availability, customized price list export, enhanced security, and administrative abilities. All product information is updated daily ensuring that all pricing, technical documents, and product information is current.

Order status and order tracking is available for all orders placed with Pelco by Schneider Electric, regardless of the manner in which the order was placed.

Price list reports can now be customized even when exporting to Excel. Users can choose to export the entire price list or just a section of our product offering, such as cameras.

Users can also select the desired fields to export. Users must register for the program and request membership to a specific user group in order to see Dealer pricing. This allows the admin of the user group to control access to pricing and also provides the ability to revoke access if a user should no longer have permission to view pricing, such as when an employee leaves the company.

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B.O.S.S. Lite

B.O.S.S. Lite goes wherever your business takes you, providing the same features and functionality of B.O.S.S. 5.1 without needing an Internet connection. Updates can be downloaded when connected to the Internet, ensuring you have the the most current, up-to-date pricing and product information available.

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Mobile B.O.S.S.

In its latest move geared toward customer convenience, Mobile B.O.S.S. allows you to access the information you need on the go in a convenient, made-for-mobile display. Tailored for iPhone and Android devices, Mobile B.O.S.S. allows you to:

  • View product pricing and availability
  • Search using a portion of the model number or description
  • Check order status
  • Search using purchase order number
  • View order tracking numbers
  • View detailed order tracking information
  • Learn more about Mobile B.O.S.S.