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Spectra V Series

Spectra Analog V cameras are ideal for a wide range of industries that require 24x7 PTZ surveillance. The series includes a range of PTZ indoor in-ceiling and pendant domes with flexible camera options to covertly capture mission-critical detail in poorly lit situations using familiar NTSC/PAL standard video. The series also offers increased TVL for improved video quality.


Experience enhanced detection with up to 740TVL resolution, which provides you with a sharp image. Additionally, the camera series includes 30x Optical Zoom along with Wide Dynamic Range and Low Light capabilities for a versatile surveillance solution.


Boost operational efficiency and automation in any industry by taking advantage of relay and alarm support along with both VAC and VDC power options for a simple installation process. And with the same familiar ID, you can drop-in and replace older versions with ease as back boxes and lower domes are identical to the Series 4 versions.


The Spectra Analog V cameras can stand up to harsh environmental conditions through its IP67-rated metal housing and an IK10 rating for select models, including pressurized and stainless-steel options. The cameras can also be installed in challenging environments with a wide operation temperature between –40°C to 60°C (–40°F to 140°F).

Product Types

Spectra® V Series Dome Systems


Spectra® V was designed with ease of installation and ease of maintenance in mind. Each dome system consists of three components: a back box, a dome drive, and a lower dome. These three system components are interchangeable with other Spectra® IV and V dome systems, making retrofitting and application adjustments simple. Also, dome drives and lower domes can be removed and replaced reducing maintenance time.

  • 30x Zoom Autofocus, High Resolution Integrated Camera/Optics Package
  • Multiple Models: Indoor In-Ceiling, Standard and Environmental Pendant,
  • Pressurized and Stainless Steel Environmental Pendant
  • Day/Night, 740 TVL, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • Low Lux Noise Reduction
  • Motion Detection
  • Window Blanking, Horizontal and Zone Blanking
  • Camera Title Overlay, 20 User-Definable Characters
  • On-Screen Compass and Tilt Display
  • Password Protection
  • Built-in Surge and Limited Lightning Protection
  • Integrated Passive Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Circuit
  • Internal Scheduling Clock

Technical Documents & Spec Sheets

TypeDateTitleVer #Doc. TypeProduct CategoryTagsLanguageLinkproduct_cat_hfilterdoc_language_hfilterdoc_type_category_hfilterdownload_type_hfilter
Spectra V Series Spec Sheet - Arabic
May 1, 2020Spectra V Series Spec Sheet – Arabic, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20V%20Series%20Spec%20Sheet%20Arabic.pdfcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogarabicspecification-sheets
Spectra V Series Spec Sheet - French
May 1, 2020Spectra V Series Spec Sheet – French, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20V%20Series%20Spec%20Sheet%20French.pdfcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogfrenchspecification-sheets
Spectra V Series Spec Sheet - Italian
May 1, 2020Spectra V Series Spec Sheet – Italian, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20V%20Series%20Spec%20Sheet%20Italian.pdfcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogitalianspecification-sheets
Spectra V Series Spec Sheet - Portuguese
May 1, 2020Spectra V Series Spec Sheet – Portuguese, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20V%20Series%20Spec%20Sheet%20Portuguese.pdfcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogportuguesespecification-sheets
Spectra V Series Spec Sheet - Russian
May 1, 2020Spectra V Series Spec Sheet – Russian, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20V%20Series%20Spec%20Sheet%20Russian.pdfcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogrussianspecification-sheets
Spectra V Series Spec Sheet - Spanish
May 1, 2020Spectra V Series Spec Sheet – Spanish, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20V%20Series%20Spec%20Sheet%20Spanish.pdfcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogspanishspecification-sheets
Spectra V Series Spec Sheet - Turkish
May 1, 2020Spectra V Series Spec Sheet – Turkish, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20V%20Series%20Spec%20Sheet%20Turkish.pdfcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogturkishspecification-sheets
Spectra V Series Dome System Spec Sheet
May 1, 2020Spectra V Series Dome System Spec Sheet, , media.pelco.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/30144228/C5007S_Spectra-V-Series-Dome-Systems_073020.pdfcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogenglishspecification-sheets
Spectra V Series Dome Spec Sheet - German
May 1, 2020Spectra V Series Dome Spec Sheet – German, , media.pelco.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/14211146/Spectra-V-Series-Dome-Spec-Sheet-German.pdfcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analoggermanspecification-sheets
Spectra V Series Dome Systems Installation Manual
May 1, 2020Spectra V Series Dome Systems Installation Manual, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20V%20Series%20Dome%20Systems%20Installation%20Manual.pdfcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogenglishinstallation-manual
Spectra Dome V A&E Spec Sheets - English
May 7, 2020Spectra Dome V A&E Spec Sheets – English, , media.pelco.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/05221519/C5025A_Dome_Spectra_V_AE.docxcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogenglishae-spec-sheets
Spectra V Series Dome Systems Quick Start Guides - English
May 7, 2020Spectra V Series Dome Systems Quick Start Guides – English, , media.pelco.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/19221611/C3462M_Spectra_V_QSG_082219.pdfcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogenglishquick-start-guides
Spectra V Series Dome System A&E
May 9, 2020Spectra V Series Dome System A&E, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20V%20Series%20Dome%20System%20A&E.docxcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogenglishae-spec-sheets
Spectra® V Series Dome Systems Install Manual
May 14, 2020Spectra® V Series Dome Systems Install Manual, , media.pelco.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/19221611/C3462M_Spectra_V_QSG_082219.pdfcameras ptz-analog spectra-v-series-ptz-analogenglishinstallation-manual

Camera Firmware

TypeDateTitleVer #AssetProduct CategoryTagsLinkdownload_type_hfilter
Spectra IV IP Firmware v01.02.0018
2012/12/13Spectra IV IP Firmware v01.02.00181.02.0018, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20IV%20IP%20Firmware%2001.02.0018.ppmfirmware
SpectraPro P1220 Firmware Update v5.10.39
2017/01/05SpectraPro P1220 Firmware Update v5.10.395.10.39, , media.pelco.com/SpectraPro%20P1220%20Firmware%20Update%20v5.10.39.zipfirmware
Spectra Professional P1220 Firmware v5.10.52
2018/10/10Spectra Professional P1220 Firmware v5.10.525.10.52, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20Professional%20-%20P1220%20-%20Firmware%20v5.10.52.zipfirmware
Spectra IV IP Dome Drive Firmware v2.410
2013/12/13Spectra IV IP Dome Drive Firmware v2.4102.41, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20IV%20IP%20Dome%20Drive%20Firmware%202.410.zipfirmware
Spectra Professional P1220 Firmware v5.10.54
2019/06/12Spectra Professional P1220 Firmware v5.10.545.10.54, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20Professional%20-%20P1220%20-%20Firmware%20v5.10.54.zipfirmware
Spectra Professional P1220 Firmware v5.10.42
2017/08/02Spectra Professional P1220 Firmware v5.10.425.10.42, , , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20Professional%20-%20P1220%20-%20Firmware%20v5.10.42.zipfirmware
Spectra IV IP Firmware v01.00.0034
2011/08/08Spectra IV IP Firmware v01.00.00341.00.0034, , media.pelco.com/Spectra%20IV%20IP%20Firmware%2001.00.0034.zipfirmware

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