Pelco Audio Out Plugin

pelco by motorola solutions

Pelco Audio Out Plugin


Pelco, a Motorola Solutions company, is an industry leader in video security solutions, creating technology that enables you to put your world into focus. Pelco is committed to innovation through advancing the design and manufacturing of video security technologies to address the greatest challenges facing customers in today’s modern enterprises.

Founded in 1957, Pelco is a video technology leader and trusted partner with a widespread global presence, built on a legacy of delivering high-quality, specialized security products and systems used across a variety of markets.  By empowering organizations with intelligence, Pelco uses the power of video data to create a smarter, safer world.

pelco by motorola solutions

Solution Overview | Audio Out Plugin

Pelco Audio Out Plugin enables an operator on an OPS center client to speak or send out pre-recorded audio to a device that supports audio out. Pelco Audio Out Plugin supports various camera types the combability need to be tested.

Validated models are Pelco Sarix Enhanced 3 and Spectra Enhanced 7.


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