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RecFaces develops multimodal biometric identification systems, including facial recognition, that solve actual business problems, enable better client service, automate processes, and increase security.

Solution Overview | Solution: Id-Me

The RecFaces Id-Me platform stores and processes various biometric features of a person, such as a photo of a face, a three-dimensional image of a face, palm vein pattern, a fingerprint, in a universal biometric profile.

The obtained biometric data can be used to solve various business issues, such as:

  • authorization in information systems
  • biometric access control
  • identification of visitors to the organization by the image of the person

The Id-Me platform is a turnkey solution that does not require significant changes in business processes during its implementation, with simple integration into existing ecosystem of information technologies.

The integration is provided by RecFaces. It provides human face detection based on VideoXpert video streams. Operators can be notified of specific visitor presence from a pre-defined list. Correspondingly, notification of unauthorized visitors in specific areas can also be provided. Recorded video can also be searched and identified based on facial images.

License Required

This integration software requires a free license from Pelco in addition to any licenses required by RecFaces. You may use integration for the first 90 days without a Pelco license. Please order Pelco part number INT-RECFACES for a permanent license.

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