Pelco Security Products Discounts

The Project Registration Discount (PRD) and Competitive Price Discount (CPD) Programs are available to customers in North America and have been designed to provide our customers with a strategic advantage in large-scale video security projects.

Competitive Price Discount

The Pelco by Schneider Electric Competitive Price Discount (CPD) program is available to all members of the Partner's Advantage Program as well as to our Distribution Partners. The purpose, and intended application, of the CPD process is to provide a mechanism to adjust our offered price when competitive pricing by other manufacturers is impacting the normal market price for a strategic project.

We welcome the opportunity to consider these case-by-case situations and determine if we too can be competitive with our partners and provide a price that will win the project for all parties. All requests for additional price discounts must be pre-approved by Pelco prior to quoting or accepting an order. Pelco will not honor verbal agreements.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact your local Sales Representative.

Competitive Price Discount Terms & Conditions (PDF file, 125 KB)

Competitive Price Discount Registration

Project Registration Discount

The Project Registration Discount program is intended to offer discounts for finding and registering new Pelco opportunities greater than $10,000 in value. The Project Registration Discount program rewards channel partners who generate demand for new business and add value through the services they offer to their end-customer.

A formal, standardized process will protect partners with presales investment in new opportunities, and in turn will motivate them to generate incremental Pelco business. The program will use a neutral project registration process to validate new partner opportunities. Partners who meet the criteria of the program may make an application to register an opportunity with Pelco at any time. All approved projects are registered for six months and are eligible for a special discount.

Project Discount Registration Terms & Conditions (PDF file, 58 KB)

Project Discount Registration

Note: This program is available in the Americas only.