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with a new video management system and innovative features, including powerful analytics. 


VideoXpert provides multiple migration paths for organizations currently using Endura and Digital Sentry VMS hardware and infrastructure. 

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Cost-Effective Migration Paths


Pelco makes it easy to upgrade to our newest, most robust VMS. You may be able to install VideoXpert software on existing hardware to pull your current system forward into VideoXpert. You can even migrate your Endura or Digital Sentry database, saving time and effort while gaining the benefit of Pelco’s latest VMS. 

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Extend the Life of Your System


As an existing Endura or Digital Sentry customer, we appreciate your loyalty and support of the Pelco brand. We believe VideoXpert will exceed your expectations for a VMS and allow for an optimal migration. Migrating to VideoXpert is the most cost-effective way to leverage existing investments and extend the life of your current hardware.  

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Unparalleled Support


We are committed to your success. The migration to VideoXpert from Endura or Digital Sentry is designed with you in mind. Our Global Sales Team and Technical Sales Engineers are prepared to help you transition to the latest technology and best video management system in the industry.


VideoXpert Video Management Systems


VideoXpert Enterprise and Professional offer performance-oriented, intuitive user interface for a superior user experience. VideoXpert provides state-of-the-art, 64-bit architecture for maximum availability and resiliency that flexibly scales from 20 to 20,000+ cameras with noticeably faster camera-to-display capabilities. 

VideoXpert is easy to use, stable, reliable and resilient. If a network interruption ever occurs or a server goes down, gaps are automatically filled within minutes of the cameras coming back online.


Product Offerings





VideoXpert Enterprise is the intelligent choice for businesses that are data-driven, demand efficiency, and seek a holistic approach to operations. With expanded functionality, VideoXpert Enterprise provides a single solution by allowing easy connection to other systems, including mapping, integration to access control systems, and license plate recognition.


This scalable VMS allows you to see what you want, when you want it. VideoXpert Enterprise support tens of thousands of cameras across multiple continents and can be optimized with Pelco hardware or seamlessly integrated with third-party hardware. It is always backed by an unparalleled level of supports.


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Easy to install and quick to setup, VideoXpert Professional is the video management system  with a superior user interface and robust feature set you demand. 

Ideal for small to mid-size installations up to 100 cameras, VideoXpert Professional seamlessly bridges the gap between mid-market and enterprise platforms . The scalable design not only meets your needs today, it sets you up for success tomorrow.

Uniquely designed with IT friendly windows and menus, users enjoy a familiar experience when using VideoXpert Professional.


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Migration Support

Pelco Professional Services


Let us put our VMS, camera and network expertise to work for you. With VxCare, we help you design, install, and operate VideoXpert to maximize your video surveillance system. Receive the support where and when you need it, including:

  • Field services
  • Training services
  • 24/7 advanced phone support


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