Intelligent Solutions for Gaming

The gaming industry faces significant challenges from a security and fraud reduction perspective: helping safeguard both guests and employees, protecting critical assets, and striving to gather intelligence and data to prevent major breaches and fraud. Stringent regulations must also be followed to maintain the integrity of operations.

Casino surveillance departments leverage video surveillance technology to efficiently gather data to effectively address threats and fraud in real-time, and it is a critical tool that allows operators to review and investigate events quickly and efficiently.  

When used to augment the capabilities of personnel on the floor, video surveillance delivers an accurate picture of what occurred at any given time, allowing security and surveillance managers to achieve high levels of safety while building proactive risk mitigation programs.

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Pelco Delivers

As a trusted partner in the casino market, delivering robust video surveillance solutions that allow casinos to take hold of the benefits of today’s most advanced technology offerings while ensuring legacy investments are maximized to meet budget requirements.

  • An open platform approach
  • Intuitive user experience
  • New levels of intelligence
  • Open Platform

    Open platform design ensures scalability into the future. By combining surveillance cameras and video management systems with intelligent tools such as video analytics and other third-party tools, surveillance teams can focus on mitigating fraud while ensuring compliance with gaming regulations.

  • Intuitive User Experience

    Surveillance teams can easily realize the wide range of features and benefits without costly and time-intensive training sessions, enabling casinos to focus on proactive fraud reduction strategies.

  • New Levels of Situational Awareness

    Casino operators can leverage video surveillance and intelligent tools to gather a wide variety of data points to elevate the customer experience while allowing surveillance teams to reduce the chance of loss on the gaming floor Solutions for casinos.

Solutions for Casinos
Intuitive design that effortlessly displays critical security and video data.
Optera 360⁰

The 360⁰ model is ideal for wide open spaces, including lobbies, parking lots, and building perimeters where total situational awareness and crisp detail are needed.

HD video and industry-leading performance at the price of a mid-market dome.

  • 1920x1080 at 30/25 IPS (NTSC/PAL)
  • High-Profile H.264
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • ONVIF Profile S and Profile G Conformant