Solutions for Airports and Seaports

Airports and seaports are some of the most dynamic environments in the transportation market.

From facing evolving terrorism threats and crime, to complying with rules and regulations, and addressing the needs of passengers, these complex environments operate at breakneck speeds and leave little room for error.

An airport, in fact, operates like its own metropolitan area, separated from its geographic surroundings and positioned as a standalone facility. Multiple ingress and egress points, as well as perimeters and various facilities need to be monitored and thousands of travelers and employees need to be protected on a daily basis.

Seehow our customers in the airport and seaport markets have leveraged Pelco solutions to drive new levels of awareness and intelligence across infrastructures.


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Pelco Delivers

Airports and seaports across the globe, from large public facilities to smaller niche transportation sites, rely on Pelco by Schneider Electric to achieve robust security levels and increase awareness. With Pelco solutions airports and seaports can achieve

  • A proactive approach to security and safety
  • Robust intelligence gathering
  • Scalable, future-proof security platforms
  • Proactive Security

    By combining video surveillance with intelligent tools such as video analytics and other third-party tools, security officials can easily identify criminal suspects, identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with government regulations.

  • Robust Intelligence Gathering

    Collaboration between first responders and other departments within an organization drives new levels of intelligence across the organization, allowing users to drive powerful investigations and trends to ensure a safe and secure environment.

  • Scalable, Future-proof Security Management

    Open platforms that easily integrate and support other systems outside of security (i.e. radar systems and building management) helps deliver advanced levels of ROI and ensures today's investments will be highly valuable in the future.

Solutions for airport and seaports
Intuitive design that effortlessly displays critical security and video data.
Optera 360⁰

The 360⁰ model is ideal for wide open spaces, including lobbies, parking lots, and building perimeters where total situational awareness and crisp detail are needed.

Bringing together the very best in enclosure design, PTZ mechanics, and receiver technologies.

ExSite PTZ combines a receiver, pan/tilt, enclosure and IOP in a single, easy-to-install system.

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