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Web Designer – Marketing Description

Job Brief:

Web developers need a combination of graphic design skills and technical computer skills that will allow them to create particular designs on web pages. In addition to looking nice, websites need to be functional and secure. It is the responsibility of web developers to create such sites that meet the requirements of employers or clients.

Web developers often are implementing ideas that others may have even those others lack the technical know-how to turn those ideas into an actual, functional website.

Web Developer Duties & Responsibilities:

This job generally requires the ability to do the following work:

  • Know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other relevant web design coding languages
  • Create and test applications for websites
  • Collaborate
  • Present design specs
  • Work with graphics and other designers
  • Troubleshoot website problems
  • Maintain and update websites
  • Monitor website traffic
  • Stay up-to-date on technology

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