A splash of color or a custom print? Imagine getting to take control and build a security camera that looks exactly how you want it to - well now you can. Imagine what’s possible with security cameras that match any style.

Special Modification Request Program

Whether you want to blend in or stand out, our program lets you personalize your cameras and add whatever finishing touches you want, creating exactly what suits you best.


Time to get those ideas flowing and make your vision a reality. Pick from our combination of cameras, mounts, colors and finishes. Can’t find the design you want? Not to worry, get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for and we will make it happen.

Make Your Idea A Reality

Wherever you are we have you covered

While we can’t predict the future, we can help you protect it. From restaurants to retail and everything in between, you need a security system that is unique as the industry you're in and we are here to help.


Sleek, inconspicuous and ready to ensure the safety of your people - we understand what matters for commercial customers. With our unique customization program, we’ll supply the canvas and you control the paint brush so you can create a security set-up that’s visually perfect for your store, office or lobby.


Looking for a video security solution that is fully customizable? One that is fully compliant with complex government regulations? And looks the part? Pelco checks all three with the help of the Special Modification Request program.


Before you checkout with your basket of Pelco video security cameras, make sure you take a look at our customization program. We can help ensure that your cameras blend in with your store’s environment because, let’s face it, no one wants to see a camera pointing at them when they’re picking up that extra box of chocolates.


Like a well oiled machine, our video security solutions are ready to tough it out in the harshest environments without ever letting you down. So with everything going on at your sites, let our customization program do the work for you with a camera built exactly as you want it.


There’s no time to mess around and play games when it comes to keeping your casino safe. That’s why our Special Modification Request program lets you customize the look of your video security set-up keeping a low profile, so your guests can get back to going all in.


Imagine sitting down for a dinner with your friends or arriving at a hotel lobby for a weekend getaway and all of a sudden you notice a security camera aimed right at you. Unsettling, right? Well with our customization program, you can blend your security cameras right into your environment so your guests can kick back worry free.

Ready to share your vision?

Let your vision become a reality today with our Special Modification Request program. So you can protect what is most valuable to you.