VideoXpert Radio Alert Integration

Integrating the Power of VideoXpert With Critical Radio Communication

VideoXpert Radio Alert Integration Overview

Enhance safety and provide stronger protection for your staff with real-time notification of potential security threats, made possible by the VideoXpert Radio Alert integration, which leverages the strengths of analytics-enabled video management software and reliable two-way radio communications.

The VideoXpert Radio Alert integration offers a seamless unification between Pelco's VideoXpert software and Motorola Solutions’ two-way radios, MOTOTRBO, ASTRO and TETRA. With this integration, end-users can instantly receive VideoXpert alerts directly to their two-way radio via text message and text-to-voice alerts, including video analytics events, camera input events, and external software events. Once received, the radio is able to respond to the same event text message, acknowledging the event in VideoXpert. 


The VideoXpert Radio Alert integration is ideal for security teams that:

  • Don’t have enough resources or time to monitor live video continuously.
  • Miss security incidents resulting in undesirable outcomes or threats.
  • Are unable to mobilize security resources quickly when a potential security threat is detected.

Integration Overview

Powered by Motorola Solutions, the VideoXpert Radio Alert integration helps to detect critical events and increase your security teams’ productivity by expediting real-time responses and forensic investigations.

Features Include

Proactive Confirmation

Dispatch events directly to Motorola Solutions radios via text message and/or text-to-voice alerts.

Contextual Alerts

Receive VideoXpert events as an alert on Motorola Solutions radios (MOTOTRBO, ASTRO and TETRA). Events include video analytics events, camera input events, and external software events.

Two-Way Communication

Acknowledge or set status as an event directly from the radio.

Custom Messages

Allow the user to send custom direct messages from VideoXpert to the two-way radio.