FT85011A-FR85011A Fiber Transmitter and Receiver

Single-Channel Digitally Encoded Video with Bidirectional Data Available in multimode and single-mode versions| the FT85011A/ FR85011A fiber transmitter and receiver provide the ability to transmit one unidirectional composite video channel and one bidirectional data channel over one optical fiber. In addition| patent-pending technology provides the solution for allowing Coaxitron pan/tilt/ zoom (PTZ) control data to be transmitted the full distance of the fiber (up to 6 km for multimode fiber and up to 46 km for single-mode fiber). When using single-mode fiber| the FT85011A transmitter and the FR85011A receiver offer an exceptional optical power budget of 28 dB.

English | CAD Drawing | 2009/08/13 |



Asset Type, English, Language, Offer, Pelco, and Technical Drawing

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