Reduce Storage Cost,
Increase System Options


Let’s assume you have 3MP indoor dome cameras installed at a small business, such as a retail outlet or bank, that requires 24/7 recording with 30 days retention at 15ips

Without Pelco’s Smart Compression Technology, these domes could require substantial investments in storage that could be costly. With Smart Compression, it’s different.


Reduce Your Storage,

Preserve your Video Quality


Pelco’s H.264 Smart Compression Technology lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 70%, while retaining critical information for forensic purposes.

  • Reduce required storage
  • Maintain the same resolution
  • Enjoy at no additional cost in new products or as a firmware upgrade to existing product

Bandwidth Usage


How does it work?


Pelco’s Smart Compression Technology dynamically analyzes motion occurring within live video in real-time, to intelligently compress the information you don’t need, while retaining details with clear quality in the areas that are important in the scene.


By enabling Dynamic GOP, an added feature of Smart Compression, the number of I-frames are automatically reduced in scenes with low motion.


Based on the complexity of scenes and motion occurring, such as a store room that has limited entry and exit, up to 70% bandwidth savings can be achieved.



Experience the Evolution


From panoramic to fixed IP cameras, Pelco's Smart Compression Technology is a constantly evolving technology that is dynamically enhancing your camera needs. Supported by leading third-party VMS platforms, and with seamless integration to VideoXpert, Pelco's Smart Compression technology is making its mark on Pelco's leading camera products.



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Spectra Enhanced

HD IP Dome Positioning Systems


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Sarix Enhanced

Next Generation Fixed IP Cameras


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Sarix Professional

Next Generation Fixed IP Cameras


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180°, 270°, 360° Multisensor Panoramic Cameras




* Actual results may vary depending on your network and camera settings