What Security Challenges is your Campus Facing?

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As the lead for a campus security team, every day brings with it new and unique challenges that your team must be ready to respond to with a moment’s notice. Having the right tools and strategies in place will undoubtedly aid in your team’s overall success.

For the purposes of this article, we’re thinking of a campus that contains multiple buildings with common outdoor gathering areas, that is situated on large, easily accessible area. This could be a college campus, a large private high school, a large corporate property, a resort, or even a religious institution. Your campus may have residences on site or not, but there are going to be similar challenges faced across these environments.

One of the first things that comes to mind is that you are going to need cameras that have the capability of maintaining a pixel density that allows you to identify people from a long distance of perhaps hundreds of feet. While this is possible with fixed, megapixel cameras, and those would be a great place to start, augmenting these fixed cameras with High Definition Pan-Tilt-Zoom, or HD PTZ cameras will add versatility and usability to your surveillance deployment, if you have a named public safety office. A camera like this would enable security personnel to take control over a camera as needed to perform real time investigation of incidents as they happen.

Perhaps a flash mob has formed, or that there is a car accident, or even a medical emergency on a public area. Instead of having to watch from a distance, you can move a PTZ camera and zoom it in to maintain a high level of detail even from long distances. Making sure your camera is high definition will also help make sure that the image is clear and usable. How many times have you seen security footage from a local TV news segment and thought, “what’s the point of having a camera if you can’t make out anyone on the video?”

Even if you don’t have a public safety officer available to monitor your campus, a PTZ camera can still make sense as a solution. Perhaps there is an emergency intercom system strategically placed throughout your campus. A PTZ camera can be integrated and programmed to automatically pan tilt and zoom to a preset location based on an event from your intercom system. At that point, even if no one is watching, having surveillance on the person using the intercom can still be of value when video footage is reviewed later.

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