What Office Complex Security Operators Should Know About VideoXpert™

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Employing business security cameras is a fantastic step toward increasing security and safety in your office complex. However, cameras alone are only half of the equation. A truly versatile and effective security camera system provides you with more than raw video footage, which is where video management software, or VMS, comes in.

Essentially, video management software is an efficient combination of video software and server hardware. By nature, video management systems are complex, and oftentimes that complexity can overwhelm you. This can lead to a lack of focus and a steep learning curve. But with Pelco’s VideoXpert video management software, operating a VMS for your office security systems has never been easier.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key aspects of our intuitive VideoXpert video management software and what you should know about how our VMS can boost employee and visitor safety, as well as operational efficiency.

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7 Tips Icons-06User-Friendly

First and foremost, our video management software is extremely user-friendly thanks to its intuitive design that keeps you in mind. The easy-to-navigate presentation provides you with everything you need to fully utilize the power of the VideoXpert platform by effortlessly displaying key metrics on up to six monitors, each of which can simultaneously display up to 16 video streams. This allows you to make quick, effective decisions that propel your business ahead.

When it comes to operating and maintaining an office security system in medium or large organizations, you must navigate a host of challenges that can increase the chances of security breaches or unauthorized entry. Our VMS enables quicker detection and response times for any industry or office complex by combining captured data with advanced analytics, all of which you can easily operate through the VideoXpert interface.


Our revolutionary video management software is completely fault-tolerant, redundant, and failover supportive to address any data loss. Because of this, an office complex security operator no longer has to worry about single points of failure. This ensures reliability throughout the office security system. There are multiple levels of redundancy and distributed architecture to protect against a loss of data and guarantee your system can properly operate even during a failure to one or more components.

HospitalAdapts and Improves

Our video management system grows along with your business. Since we first released VideoXpert, we strived to adapt to the needs of current office complexes and other industries. Changing site plans and locations is no longer an issue as our VMS is a reliable and trusted solution. The newest version of our software (available for download) includes auto-gap-fill, which addresses several security challenges that increase the risk of data loss.

Auto-gap-fill allows for bandwidth optimization in situations in which bandwidth is limited. You can also view live video in low resolution, while the camera records HD-quality images for zero visibility loss, even in suboptimal conditions. Our VMS retrieves the locally-stored date from the camera for an efficient forensic search.

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