Two Steps Ahead: The Role of Predictive Analytics in the Data Generation

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Often, security officials or law enforcement officers are notified of a vandalized statue or a robbed grocery store after the fact, typically by someone reporting the crime. But what if there was a better way? As crime evolves over the years, so does the approach we take to mitigate it. Thankfully, we are entering a new epoch that utilizes data in revolutionary ways. Cue predictive analytics, a tool that allows municipal agencies to tackle crime and other operational activities through a proactive approach.

New capabilities in video content analysis (VCA) are available using Deep Neural Networks (DNN) that intelligently “learn” about an environment and produce more accurate description and recognition algorithms than the traditional computer vision technology that was available in previous generations of products.

However, the generation of the data is not the only, nor the most important application of artificial intelligence. By using advanced data mining techniques on data available from DNN technology and correlating with data sources, a municipal entity can deploy centralized intelligent software that can automatically predict suspect locations, initiate higher area surveillance and begin tracking unusual or suspicious activity. This software can also instantly alert security personnel and law enforcement.

For example, if a robbery occurs in a nearby gas station, intelligent surveillance cameras and data sensors don’t just record the activity, they also communicate with the security network, including video management systems like Pelco’s VideoXpert. As a 911 call is received, the caller’s location is automatically logged and the system will begin to search for unusual activity in the area while visually presenting potential suspects to the dispatch center which can be verified against the 911 caller’s report. With existing features like facial recognition and license plate identification, the camera can automatically monitor, and, through predictive analytics, track such incidents while simultaneously alerting law enforcement of the perpetrators’ identities, vehicle information, and predicted whereabouts. With the help of predictive analytics, all of this can happen in just a few milliseconds.

A Revolutionary Collaboration

As a first step earlier this year, Pelco joined forces with global technology leader IBM® to create “Pelco Analytics Powered by IBM.” The collaboration integrates IBM’s deep learning analytics with Pelco’s VideoXpert, which enables a new level of customization through end-to-end, code-level enhancements for hardware, VMS, and analytics capabilities in one seamless solution.

Tom Dodrill, Segment Marketing Manager of North America, includes his thoughts on Pelco’s collaboration with IBM Analytics and what this means for today’s cities: “IBM Intelligent Video Analytics are able to generate metadata on live video footage that can be used for alerts, as well as being stored for later review. This means faster identification and response to potential risks or opportunities as well as the ability to search through huge volumes of archived video to identify people and objects of interest. When we use the data to analyze patterns of movement and behavior, we can make predictions that can be used for proactive operational decisions.”

Growth on the Horizon

Currently, only three percent of video cameras worldwide possess the necessary hardware capabilities to utilize Deep Neural Networks. As technology is released into the marketplace with this capability, the possibilities for maximizing the uses of predictive analytics in burgeoning surveillance technology is virtually limitless. However, doing so will require more organizations to invest resources that support technologies conducive to predictive analytics: video management systems with enhanced detection capabilities, shareable data streams, and faster cloud-based solutions.

Predictive analytics create a possibility where security officials and law enforcement no longer need to rely on guesswork, which gives them the ability to focus on responding to the scene as quickly as possible. Thanks to exciting advancements in surveillance technology, we are now in the position to imagine a future where crime can be drastically reduced, making our cities a safer place to live.

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